Denied RV Entry Across the US Border

Denied RV Entry Across the US Border
An unfortunate problem with honesty at the United States border has caused the Up Under Bus from traveling to the USA to attend the Coachella concert in their …

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  • I'm a conservative OG & a little annoyed that the US wouldn't let them in because they admitted to smoking weed, but we let thousands cross the border from Mexico. Where's the logic? Slainte

  • Thank your snow flake PM for that… wait until July it'll get worse…at least you weren't banned for life. If you had lied and they had drug tested you… bad for you, so better to be honest with less consequence. Not blaming you, do whatever..but government is what it is… I was sent back because I mentioned I was getting married… lol… nope. And the hassle to get the visa was intense. You seem like nice guys.. sorry you didn't get to your music festival. Peace

  • I can see why they were turned around at border. They are harmless bunch but lack common sense when basically telling the border guards they were coming to party. Dumb Try putting on a honest happy face and don’t tell everyone your life history when they have the power to wreck your day.

  • There's something wrong when the correct answer is a lie. Unfortunately those lists that customs officers use will have a permanent mark on passport records for all three guys, forever. So, in the future when they ask, "have you ever been refused entry", the correct answer is to tell the truth because when they expose that lie you'll be going to secondary inspection. You guys can expect a secondary search every time you cross the US border.

  • Yes indeed, why would they admit to anything, it's not in their interest to offer up their head to the guillotine. It is your right and duty to protect yourself any which way you can. Idgeots they are.
    They fell right into the trap set for them, f'in unbelievable, surfers are smarter than that….

  • I have lived in foreign countries for 6 years of my life…    So,,, these citizens of a foreign country wanted to make entry into the USA and are users of narcotics.    OK, that's their choice/addictions.   WHY would anyone think their exclusion from another country by its law enforcement is not warranted?    And they wish to operate a vehicle on the other countrys highways?   If you choice to be DWI then do it in your country.   That seems logical and just.

  • Hope on future entry they don't use this video against you. Sure, it might be no big deal, but laughing about it might not be in the best interest of getting across. Don't have anything to do with pot usage on your phones.

  • i use to go back and forth when i drove truck and they always asked you have any firearms ? Nope!……9mm in the holster everywhere i went for 25yrs never got bothered about it …use to carry somkes to bribe the shippers to get in and out early..

  • Not uncommon. Canada actually disallows US citizens from crossing for comparably minor issues from time to time. We don't execute people for minor possession here though (yet).

  • They sure talk funny. Constantly dropping consonants and over compensating vowels. No wonder they weren't allowed in the US. They don't speak the language. 😉

  • Now hold on a minute. How all y'all young boys afford to just hang out and travel all over the world without hitting a lick at a snake? Oh, you just said it: "Hi Mom." Yappari.

  • Because marijuana use is a felony, admitting to smoking it, is admitting to a felony. Never tell the border people that you've ever smoked pot. Everyone knows this.