DIY: How To Create A Pantry In Your RV

Every RV comes with its own pantry. But, these pantries are generally lacking in space. So take a look at our expert DIY methods to create a custom pantry for your RV Kitchen to avoid losing and spilling your food while driving.

RVProject on Ways to Maximize your RV storage by Creating a Pantry In Your RV

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RV Boondocking shares an ingenious Pantry Remodeling

  • Pull out your RV shelves not in use
  • Replace the above with drawers that fits the same dimensions or make new ones.
  • Place a bar across the top of our RV cabinets in the kitchen area to keep miscellaneous boxes.

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Do It Yourself RV on Pantry Designs for RVers

  • Horizontal One Shelf Food Storage Can Dispenser- This horizontal design calls for the cans sliding side to side. Referred to as the “book-shelf” can dispenser
  • Vertical One shelf Food Storage Can Dispenser- This design is referred to as the “gravity-fed” can dispenser. Aptly named, it’s a vertical RV food storage can dispenser that works well for spaces that require a slim profile. Perfect for those areas not traditionally used for storage, such as behind a chair or on the wall in the kitchen.

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Remodeling your existenting pantry or adding one to your current kitchen is easy as long as you use the right tools with the right measurements to do so. These RV Pantry designs above, will help you find your food items faster without the hassle of digging into your pantry after an RV trip.