Here are some of our favorite things to cook while camping! We didn’t grill this time, but we usually do. Plus..tons of other things! We love to cook…and eat! 😉


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  1. smh. Not many people have a oven on a camping trip. smh nothing campy about this cooking. You seem to be in a kitchen so basically you can cook anything you want.

  2. This was awesome I would love to see how you do cleanup with your pots and pans and dishes while you’re camping… this is one area I have not figured out yet and it’s always such a hassle. I feel like it’s more work than at home and camping is supposed to be a vacation! LOL ☺️❤️

  3. Everything looked great!! You may know this but if you use club soda or sparkling water in your pancake mix it makes them even lighter and fluffier. Yours looked awesome by the way!!

  4. I loved camping when I was younger. My Hubby refuses to go now. I wonder if your liver mush is the same as what we call scrapple or ponhaus here in PA? My favorite thing to make when camping are mountain pies over the fire!!

  5. We haven’t camped in years. But cooking food of any kind was always best camping!! I’m a KY gal and I hadn’t heard of liver mush lol we are having sausage egg muffins tonight but thinking of making a fried green tomato because I just watched this old guy make his. He didn’t season like I do lol

  6. HEY my fellow camping lover! We love camping, cooking and eating too! And, nothing like cooking outside and enjoying the fresh air 🙂 Thanks for sharing, this was great! Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes, OMG! FUN!

  7. YUM 😋! I want to go camping with you girl! It all looks delicious! My grandchildren will love those s’mores cooked in a sugar cone. Loved this video because it really gave me a lot of new ideas!!
    In our garage we have a coke machine cooler with all different kinds of drinks in it and my grandchildren love to go get them one when they come swimming because it’s not something they get everyday at home. So it’s all about making memories and having fun at Nana & Papa’s House! I promise you the kids will always remember your camping trips and the fun they are having! TFS!

  8. Our family loves camping! I like seeing these videos to give me inspiration on what I can do because I'm still pretty new to it as a family, we just started last year ☺❤🏕

  9. Love liver mush! NC born and raised, but now live in GA. So, whenever I go visit family in NC I have to pick up some liver mush to bring back with me. I take a small cooler just for that purpose.

  10. Wow you guys have some really good meals when you’re camping. Never thought of taking a crock pot! Great idea! Makes meal time so easy! I’m definitely going to make those nachos! They looked so yummy!!!! 👍🏻😋

  11. Woo Whoo… it's Jenn! Looks like y'all had a great time camping! We love camping! I love using my crockpot at camp so it frees up our time to shop in Amish country longer!🙊Ssshhhhh… don't tell my secret!😄 There's nothing like the smell of breakfast in the mornings or campfires in the evenings! Have a great week, chickie! Hugs!


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