Easy Cornish Pasty Recipe – Make Ahead Camping Meals – Eden Project, Cornwall

Easy Cornish Pasty Recipe – Make Ahead Camping Meals – Eden Project, Cornwall
Hey! This easy Cornish Pasty Recipe is so delicious and makes the perfect packed lunch, picnic food, or make ahead camping meal. Want more make Ahead …

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  • yes! We call these handpies here on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I'm not overly fond of the taste of them made here. But with only salt and pepper in them, wow! I think I'll make them for traveling on the bus that I bought.

  • Hi Jane..
    Yet another brilliant vlog…loved edan project…and loved your cooking vlog… Was nice to see a cooking demo in your kitchen !…
    And YES PLEASE…to your spork ……..and looking forward to your next vlog next week …….regards Andrea and Martin Smith

  • Waves to Mr Jonny Brilliant Janey. Love this video too. Great Eden Project hypo. Those containers are great, I know someone else who spent time there. 6 containers. Hmmmmm. I'm sure 'Myrtle' will appreciate them. I spotted my patsy (yes I did it again 😛 ) it was the second one just there. Points And Yes please to the mini sporky thingy. It can go in BoB no 3. My smaller one. Cheers Janey. Take care both. :o)

  • Thanks for sharing this really enjoyable extended episode !
    Great to see your footage of the Eden Project. Haven't been down there for a few years, but love the idea of such a unique YHA nearby. So will be heading down there again.
    And absolutely LOVE pasties – having grown up living on the Cornwall / Devon border.
    Love to see you made 'proper' sized pasties with simple ingredients. Too many places try to get all fancy nowadays.
    Best pasty I ever had was made by a friends 80+yr old granny, who was from a family of generations of Cornish miners. It was basically a meal for a day, and was massive; starting with just veg at one end, then the usual meat / potato / onion combo in the middle, and seasonal fruit or preserve at the other end (for pud). Like you I Iove the pastry, especially the crimped bit. But she said it was basically a throw away handle for the miners as it got covered in coal dust. Also she used the crimping to show which end to each first. Tasty, filling and brilliantly practical.
    Anyway thanks again, and I will now definitely have a go at making some myself.
    And Yes Please – add me to your spork draw.

  • Thanks for another fantastic tour vid! And loved the hostel. The Eden project reminds me of Biosphere 2 near Tucson, Arizona. Visited it this summer and it has similar structures. Back in the 70s a handful of scientists sealed themselves inside to see if they could survive by growing all their own food, along with conducting other experiments. Anyway, thanks and ‘yes’ to the spork!

  • Ooh those pots looked great and so cheap ! If you go there again let me know, Nina can use some of her pocket money ;). Pasties looked awesome, I do love a pasty, probably the one thing I miss most on Keto. I have tried Fathead pasties but they weren’t as lovely looking as yours. Kind of went a bit splodgy lol. Your videos are turning in to mini documentaries, loving them, and we got to meet Jonny yay ! Hello Jonny ! 🙂

  • Another fab video, love a Cornish pastie, but I have to say that has to be the cutest spork I've ever seen 💗💗🤗 never seen one like that here in Scotland and I have a small collection lol, so YES I'd love to own this dinky wee one xx

  • That pasty looks so yummy! As for the Eden project, I went there about 10 years ago and loved it. Unfortunately I missed the pasty competition 😂 I love your recipes and look forward to all your videos.