Eight Secret Ways on How Vacuum Seal Packs Can Help An RVer

Vacuum Seal packaging for your food and perishable items can keep it fresh and healthy for a longer time than container storage. An added advantage of vacuum sealed bags is that reheating the bags are effortless, unlike defrosting frozen food containers. Keep the frozen vacuum pack soaked in boiled water or microwave it (after making a slit/ vent) for five minutes.

According to Good RV food,

“Almost anything lasts longer when vacuum sealed: Flour, sugar, coffee, salt, cornmeal, cheese, meats, sauces, vegetables”.

Vacuum Seal Bag Sizes for Specific Food:

  • Desserts: 4×6
  • Snacks: 3X5
  • Milk, Meals, Powders: 2X3

Most RVers advocated that these bag sizes are safe, however, FDA does not approve the same. When you are purchasing vacuum sealed bags, choose Food Grade Quality of bags approved by FDA. Furthermore, label all your Vacuum packed food with the date of packing as well as the name of the product.

How does Vacuum Sealing Help you?

  1. Saves the Left Over food from going to waste
  2. Keeps the meat products safe from moisture
  3. Helps in safe packaging of half-cooked food
  4. Keeps the food products vacuum sealed for apt refrigeration
  5. Helps to marinate the food better
  6. Increases the chances of carrying food anywhere
  7. Slows down rodents from consuming your food
  8. Compressed food in the vacuum sealed packages takes the least space, unlike traditional storage utensils.

Vacuum sealing your food also saves space and prevents freezer burn when refrigerated for long. Another effective hack of storing food safe with vacuum jars is to pack dried food items in mason jars.

Do you use Vacuum Seal packs for food storage? Tell us in the comments below. 😀