Ep. 70: Black Canyon & Blue Mesa | Colorado RV travel camping

Ep. 70: Black Canyon & Blue Mesa | Colorado RV travel camping
We leave Silverton in this episode and head north to Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado’s Curecanti National Recreation Area. From there, we travel to the depths …

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  • It’s sad how inconsiderate people can be these days. Why would anyone need to run a generator at 3:30am? Ridiculous! Thanks for another great video.

  • Just came back from a week in Denver. Took a drive one day down Interstate 25 to Pueblo, hwy 50 to Poncho Springs, then took hwy 285 North back to Denver. Long day but it was a beautiful drive.

  • Mark, I'm not digging the Premiers in n days feature. It goofs up my playlists. It was a great video as all of yours are. I fiddle a bit with this but if I can't figure it out I'll delay trying to watch your clips for a week. Cheers,
    I see that the play date is noted so I can just go by that. Cheers,

  • Really enjoyed black canyon Marc can’t believe it has so few visitors but I understand about the steepness and what we’re saying ,next question does the van go through a lot of tyres or would this be a common problem of rigs your size , I can’t remember what weight the rig is ? Love the drive at the end and Zehra loved the music thanks G&Z

  • Marc, you must have either a bent axle or they are severely out of alignment. You keep having this issue with tire wear.
    What was the damage for that RV park?
    Keep the premiers, we can still watch it anytime. I think it will help you get more views.
    Great video.
    Thanks again.

  • The drive up I-70 is really something.  It is spectacular for the beauty and the engineering that went into it.   I did part of it years ago in July going the same direction with the intention of passing through the Eisenhower tunnel and then turning off to the north and going to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

    The climb got the best of my truck before reaching the tunnel and I had to pull off with a whole lot of other vehicles due to overheating.  I figured continuing the climb was out of the question and so plans were changed and I turned off to the north on highway 9 to Kemming.  That was one killer of a climb.  It was the only time I ever had an overheating issue with that truck pulling the trailer.  I still have not made it to Rocky Mountain Park. 

    I saw your replies about the tire issue being a nail.  Curious as to how found the issue.  Something like that can be hard to catch before the tire gets low and ruined.  Good find!As far as the new YouTube Premiere  program, the first I heard about it was in your replies.  I just thought the use of Premiere was a word you put in the title and I did not know it has a special connotations.  Obviously I am not a sophisticated YouTube viewer. Maybe you need a video the explain what it is! Premiere or not, this was another excellent video.

  • Hey Marc. What a great film we loved the Canyon and lake but Juliet loved the RV park. You got a lot of space and BBQ was a cool idea. I think our sites could do with watching your film. Many Thank for sharing. Phil and Juliet👍👍😀

  • Another great video, Marc. Well done. That KOA looks really nice. The drive at the end is spectacular! Your vlogs are just about perfect. I love the info and scenes that you provide. I watch a lot of travel vlogs…Grand Adventure is my favorite. Are you going to do any ski vlogs this winter?

  • We use a small portion of this music for our intro as well. We have never even heard of the black canyon & blue mesa. It looks awesome. The canyons are amazing. We will definitely have to check it out. Can't wait to see them in person.

  • We were there at the black canyon a few years ago. It was amazing and Absolutely beautiful to these Floridians! We spent so much time there we drove from Ouray to Durango in the dark. It was terrifying 😱- so many mule deer! We need to come back and do it again during the day. We are new subscribers, we love your video style.

  • The NPS has a boat tour on the Gunnison River through part of the Black Canyon. The trip is worth the time and money. When staying in Glenwood Springs do the hike to Hanging Lake. It is beautiful hike, but be forewarned that it is difficult in sections due to the steep trail. Just take your time. Hanging Lake is one of the most beautiful spots we have visited.