Ep. 81: Mojave National Preserve | California RV travel camping

Ep. 81: Mojave National Preserve | California RV travel camping
In Episode 81 we leave Joshua Tree National Park behind, and instead boondock in the midst of the world’s most dense Joshua tree forest with no one else for …

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  • Rolled through Kelso today and the depot was closed due to the government shutdown, arhg! Great video, as always. You do a great job of making the history around all these spots interesting. ✌️

  • Marc, I absolutely LOVED this video! I even enjoyed the music in the first part of it. Usually I hate the music in all videos, mostly because it is over powering. I hope the folks on View From My RV check it out. I'm certainly giving a big thumbs up! 🙂 Jesi James 🙂

  • Once again a great video. One question if I may…you always talk about where 'we' are or where 'we' are going. Who are the we? 🙂
    Safe travels and keep up the excellent videos!

  • You're not kidding when you said it was remote.  I brought the area up on Google Maps and there sure is a lot of nothing!  First I heard of Amboy.  The history you give sure adds to the context of the video.   

    I picked up a Roku streaming stick yesterday evening and while going through the features last night, I came across the YouTube channel.  A light went off in my tiny brain that you probably just downloaded a new video so I brought it up.  That is the first time I have watched a YouTube video on a full size flat screen TV.  The quality of your video was superb!  It was like watching a National Geographic special.  I could not have picked a better video.  Your investment in quality equipment and also your photography and editing skills sure shows. 

    I had to log on to YouTube in order to activate the channel on the Roku stick.  I believe I used my Google account.  Interesting your channel did not show me as subscribed, so I subscribed again.  Maybe you got a 2 of 1 out of it!

    On to next week and Utah ….

  • We know this area well as it is the route to the Marble Mountains where we did a lot of field work towards our BS in Geology in the 80s. Got in trouble for stopping at Roy's for gas and coffee! haha! I still have trilobite fossils from the Cambrian collected at the Marble Mtns.

  • great video again…I watched this one because in winter of 1983 I did a bike tour of the entire mohave desert for 3 months..and I remember going down to the old restored train station area. Just before you get there coming from the north there was a weird abandoned "campground" and I see on google satelite that it is still there. I camped there one nite with one very old desert rat named Obie O'brian, he was in a broken down trailer with his dog eating beanies out of a can over an open fire. I always wondered what happened to him…maybe he is still there! Anyhoo, if you use the Avenza app (http://www.avenzamaps.com ), they have a FREE geo-referenced pdf map of the Mohave National Preserve: https://www.avenzamaps.com/maps/62975