Ep 99 | Grand Canyon Boondocking, Indian Country, Arizona, Route 66 RV Road Trip USA

Ep 99 | Grand Canyon Boondocking, Indian Country, Arizona, Route 66 RV Road Trip USA
Ep 99 | Grand Canyon Boondocking, Indian Country, Arizona, Route 66 RV Road Trip USA, Vlog of Life in a Nutshell RV travels. We continue our journey across …

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  • Great video as always felt so sorry for the poor stray dog could see she had puppies some time lately couldn’t of left her no good when I see animals like that she was so friendly poor animal

  • Nice, now you know there are two kinds of people when it comes to the Grand Canyon, those that have seen it, and those that thin it's just a big hole. Also it is easy to see why when the first Spanish explorers saw it they thought it was the end of the Earth.

  • Quick question – given your experience so far: Is this a trip a solo person could do safely? If the answer is "Yes" was the cost of your mode of transport based on the vehicle or persons on board? I'm not sure how you got such a great deal for the RV, but regardless of that do you regard it as better option than the comfort / availability of hotel/motel accommodation on route (66). Great update as usual, just sorry you never got to Masham via the narrowboat plus bus to sample "real" beers at the premier Yorkshire brewery's.

  • It is so wonderful that I get to see my back yard through your eyes. We are in Mesa Arizona. Been to the canyon seven times. Twelve years here and there is not enough time to see it all. Happy trails.

  • In my 1970 motorcycle self realisation journey I found myself in Winslow Arizona. It did not look anything like what you saw, but my reaction after a couple of minutes was "(sort of crap)" I'm standing on a corner of Winslow Arizona! The Grand Canyon was next on the Holy Crap scale just like yours..

  • Still lovin it. Great camera work W. The lacey white against the dark bark the art I like. The grand canyon is on my bucket list(north rim). Been as near as vegas. Wife is thinking a road wouldn't be so bad

  • Thank you for awnser! In Arizona the Navajos have reeal handcraft exebition, museeum and art center, there carpets and blankets are incredible! You can see films here in this forum!
    Hope you have eyes opend for your nabors craft in traditional way at home I Australia they are fantastic also! Every time I here the name of the place Winslow I wonder if there are conection to the village named Vinslöv not fare away from were I living in here in Sweden! Drive carefully ! All best! Barbro

  • That was great , all those old cars and the Grand Canyon was breathtaking . That tree was fake , it was a mobile phone tower , a cell phone tower seeing your in the USA , do i get a prize . Looks like you are near the end of Route 66 , well not that far 🙂

  • My wife just commented, that Magnus is just as stupid as I am jumping up and down on the rock and scaring his wife half to death – and her reaction would have been exactly the same as Wendy's.

  • Lovely to watch your reactions. I backpacked into the Grand Canyon with some geologist years ago…I was the only non geologist. Lots of stories of getting caught at night on the edge in an open shelter during a freak snow fall…hearing huge boulders falling all around us. A slight girl, afraid of heights hiking those trails; fear yes, but oh so much fun as I love adventure. Looking forward to more of yours!