Explore Southern California in Your RV

When you think of great places to take your RV, Southern California probably doesn’t come up high on your list. After all, the Great Los Angeles area is one of the most densely populated regions in the country, and RV’s are typically used where they can find long stretches of open road. So why would you take your RV into such a crowded, busy place? Because there is plenty to do and see, and your RV can help make the trip enjoyable – and affordable.

An RV Trip to L.A. Isn't as Crazy as It Seems
An RV Trip to L.A. Isn’t as Crazy as It Seems

L.A. Is Expensive

This probably isn’t breaking news, but Los Angeles (and the rest of Southern California) can be an expensive place to take a vacation. If you wish to visit Disneyland, for example, you will not only need to buy tickets to the park, but you will also have to pay for a hotel room nearby. When you are done adding up all of the assorted costs to take such a trip, you may find that it is simply outside of your budget. That is where you RV comes in. You can find a spot at a local RV park for a fraction of the cost of a room, and you will still be close to the action. No matter what your motivation is for heading to Southern California, staying in your RV should make it a far more affordable endeavor.

Park It and Leave It

While the benefit of bringing your RV to the L.A. area is cost savings, the downside is clearly traffic. The traffic in and around Los Angeles is some of the worst in the country, and it is not a place you want to be trying to maneuver an RV. Once you arrive at your chosen RV Park, do your best to leave your vehicle there for the week. Using public transportation or services like Uber could help you get around town without having to merge the motorhome onto the busy L.A. highways. When you do have to get on the road with your RV, try to pick a quiet time like Sunday morning to avoid the worst of the traffic rush.

Plan Well In Advance

You might be able to just pack up on a whim and head out for a camping trip in your local area, but that plan might not work so well when heading to Los Angeles. The L.A. Metropolitan Region has more than 18 million residents, meaning there really isn’t a time when this part of the country is not bustling. As soon as you have the idea of heading to Southern California for any kind of RV vacation, start making plans to reserve your RV spot.

Traveling by RV to Southern California can be an exciting and adventurous vacation. There is plenty of see on the way to L.A., such as Joshua Tree National Park if you are coming from the east, or the Mojave Desert if you are coming from the Las Vegas area. By planning ahead and picking out a great RV Park that is close to your desired attractions, you can save money while still having a memorable trip.


  1. The coastal campgrounds have gotten ridiculously expensive and still fill up, but for a few days are worth the splurge with advance planning. There’s nothing like camping along the ocean. Other areas of SoCal are more reasonable. The Palm Springs area campgrounds can be crowded and expensive during Jan-Mar. The deserts have the best weather in winter, and worst (hot) in summer. And make sure to bring your bikes! There’s great easy scenic bike rides from many campgrounds as described in my book “enCYCLEpedia Southern California,” featured in RV Life and Trailer Life magazines. http://wp.me/p4pOXg-1V, http://wp.me/p4pOXg-5U, http://wp.me/p4pOXg-7G.