FIRST TIME RV BUYERS.. Watch this! Travel Trailer

FIRST TIME RV BUYERS.. Watch this! Travel Trailer
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  • Your point about dual AC units is spot on. On a previous video where you mentioned this, I was amazed at the number of responses poo-pooing your advice. Are you kidding me?? I’m living in this thing! If one of my AC units goes out (knock on wood/vinyl laminate), I’ve got another one as backup. A single AC guy has nothing. We’re in a small-Ish 5th wheel, living in the DFW area of Texas, and so glad we have dual 15k units. Bought the trailer used, and it had come with one 15k, and the original owner added a second 15k in the bedroom. A weird thing, though. They didn’t wire it into the existing wiring. They added a TT30 plug and cable. So, wherever we’re going to stay, we hookup a 50A and a 30A cable. Kinda funny, but it works.

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  • Dont get a alum sided RV. The wood frame can and will rot and the first time you get dime size hail or larger you will end up with a trashed trailer. Fiberglass is much more durable than the alum sided ones with the extremely thin and soft alum siding the use.

  • The Step-above steps, porcelain toilet, bike rack, and tank cover can all be added on the RV at any time. These should not be determining factors when buying the RV you want. Most dealers will provide you with a starter kit as a bonus with your purchase. If it's not offered, simply ask for it as a bonus. Most salespeople will say ok. However, these salespeople don't make $1000's on a trailer sale. They're lucky to get $300-500 after all their taxes. Especially on such inexpensive units like these. So please treat them well. A car salesperson makes more.

    Anything over 25 feet, in my opinion, should be equipped to have a second AC. As such it should have 50 amp service. It is extremely expensive to have your trailer converted to 50amp. You can add many features via dealer installed options. Having the dealer add them will allow you to include the costs in your loan.

    As for your tow vehicle. My opinion is to never exceed 75% of your vehicles payload and towing capacity. Just because your vehicle has a V8 engine like your neighbors, doesn't mean you can tow the same weight. You need to find the specifics based on your VIN number. You can get your vehicles specific tow and payload rating from a dealership selling you type of vehicle. If you have any GM vehicle, go to a Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac dealer. Ford for a Ford. Etc.. etc.. Trucks that are identical in every way may not have the same towing and payload capacity. One may have a different gear ratio and a transmission cooling system that allows it to carry and tow a few thousand more pounds than the identical one right next to it. So it's not all about engine size. You must know your vehicles capacity before buying a trailer. Never really on the RV salesperson when it comes to finding out how much your vehicle can tow. They won't know for certain. All they know is you want the biggest trailer you can tow. Nor would I take the word of the person selling you the vehicle your buying to tow with. Especially if it used. Salespeople in the RV business don't use or tow the trailers they're selling. Same with those selling trucks and SUVs. They won't have experience towing. I can't stress it enough… KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR VEHICLE IS CAPABLE OF TOWING. AND DON'T EXCEED 80% OF THAT NUMBER!!!! Period!


  • Love your vids.Β  Generally agree with most of your advice.Β  What are your thoughts on Jayco as a brand?Β  I grew up camping with my family (mom and dad are 80 and still pull a 35' Jayco with their Chevy 2500HD).Β  I just bought a 2018 F-150 and a 2017Jayco 28RLS that I'm picking up over Christmas (driving FL to KY…can't wait!).Β  I get so much from your vids!Β  Thanks again!

  • What is the definition for "extreme cold" I'm about to sign on a aluminium travel trailer, where I live it doesn't get below the 20's would a 30k BTU furnace keep me warm?

  • I like the extra space slideouts give, but I don't think my 1/2 ton truck can handle the extra weight. Thank you for your videos, they are very helpful to me as a first time TT buyer.

  • I wish you'd have touched base on the smaller travel trailers. My wife and I are newbies and we really don't need something that big. We were checking out the Keystone Hideout trailer. We have a 3 year old. And another on the way. Just not sure what to get.

  • lost me at the equalizer thing between the wheels. What? What is it? What is it for? Also, what kind of springs or suspension does it have? Coil? Leaf? Torsion bar? Are shocks necessary? I

  • similar trailer keystone sprinter 319MKS , its made the same as the surveyor , like this layout. Also with a rear living , you can back up to a lake, ect and have a nice view. And the toilet is better in porcelain , its higher off the ground than the plastic one .

  • AnIMaL says, "King bed too bookoo! Not necessary unless big πŸ• doggies sleep with you.
    Bed mounted sideways -> if yo rig's a rockin' and nobody's knockin', better upgrade those stabilizer jacks! Just sayin'! 🀣

  • Looks like I(we) might be leaning more towards a tt, so do you have a recommendation on a particular brand of weight distribution hitches, example Hensley or pro….etc. ?

  • Funny you say expect the electric tongue jack. Don’t expect. Make sure. There are some not so honest rv dealerships out there. You don’t want anyone thinking that this is standard because it’s not on a lot of trailers. Great video. Thanks for sharing all your information. And while all information is valuable people should question and research on their own too.

  • Question- What happens when the slide-outs don't CLOSE???
    You're in trouble!

    Replacing tires and parts on a brand new trailer before you leave; tells me, the whole trailer is poorly made. Especially rust starting on back rail.
    The whole trailer is poorly made.


  • Wish you had gone into the travel trailers that most first time buyers would buy like the Coleman 1805's or 22 foot ones.Β  Shame you are stuck on 5th wheels and larger ones that take hd trucks to pull.

  • People are spoiled these days. I grew up family camping in an old Starcraft Popup which was replace around 2000 with a Coleman Popup and we never wanted or needed AC TV Ovens Fridges Slideouts or any other luxuries included in these things. The only things we added to both popups were brakes and a propane heater.