Carmen was coming due for her annual vet visit! This was her first trip to the vet since we’ve been on the road. Since we’re on the east coast and there are all …

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  • Can you update on how she did with the pills? We've tried other brands of the pills without any luck. I haven't heard of those 2 brands, but I live in WA state, so we aren't tick or heartworm country.

  • We live in the south and I use to work for a vet many many years ago. Haha I haven't ever given any of my dog's heartworm meds and they all have lived way past their average age. We had a shepherd that lived to 13, a schnauzer lived to 16 and shelti that lived to 14. I think heartworm is great I just not disciplined enough to remember to give them their pills. Which could kill them if they get heartworms and you give them the pill. I do give them the bravecto flea and tick and it works great!!!

  • Great video. Got to take care of those furry critters. We're in East Tennessee . A good flea and tick shampoo is a good idea too. We give our dog a heart worm treat every month. No flea collars at all. Topical treatment occasionally, but , I don't like it myself. Rather just give her a bath. Be safe. Safe travels. Later

  • Excellent video! Thanks for all the hard work and long hours you put into making them. I learn something every time I watch The Getaway Couple! Thanks to you and Jason…and Carmen!

  • My dog Mia takes bravecto & heart guard… she takes them religiously & she is 15! Look into glucosamine chews too, I know she’s only 4 but it will help her stay comfortable

  • We chose Interceptor Plus for our puppy after researching heartworm medications. They all can have side effects but this is the one that a more natural vet out east, Dr. Jean Dodd, recommends.

  • Yes, the Seresto Flea & Tick collar is wonderful! People around the US swear by it and it made me feel good knowing that they make the same product for cats and cat products have to be more gentle but still just as effective. Our puppy is wearing the Seresto collar with good results.

  • Omg, Carmen is such a cutie pie. Do you guys know what breed she is?

    Anyone who says that you're a bad dog mommy, needs to get all their facts straight, before they open their mouths! You've covered all the "health bases" very nicely. You've done the proper research, and initiated a plan of action by getting her to a vet! In the Army I learned the 5 P's – Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance…and that can be used in many diff situations!

    WOW, I seriously hope that the Tick Chart is not to scale, bec that one on the far left, LOOKED SCARY HUGE…Yikers πŸ™€!

    This was a greatly informative video Rae, and cheers to the continued good health of Cutie Pie Carmen πŸ₯‚

  • Hi there neighbor I am in the state next to you NC, I have been living here now for 20 years. I have 5 dogs yes they are on heart and worm medicine but I don't use flea and tic medicine because for me its bad enough they have to take the heart worm pill. I take no kind of chemical medicine being a naturalist. But I've yet to find a natural alternative for my dog but I do feed my dogs for the last 20 years garlic granules on there food which has managed to keep all fleas and tics off them while my friends and neighbors give their pets the chemical pills and still finds fleas and ticks on their pets. I have yet to find one on my fur babies. We go camping a lot and never have they gotten any infestation. I just sprinkle 1/2 tsp on the dry food for the big baby and 1/4 tsp for the little babies. This I do because when I had my pit bull may my baby RIP he always had some kind of neurological issue. But when I stopped giving him that pill and started the garlic all issues went out the window. He lived to be 15 y/o unheard of. Plus the garlic makes their food taste like table food they love it. At times they smell like little fritos chip but its all good we go for walks and I make dry shampoo for them that works great. Remember it has to be dry garlic granules because fresh can be detrimental to their health also you do know garlic has a lot of health benefit also. Trust me tic and fleas are no joke in the south east. Happy camping love your videos.

  • We have given all of our dogs heart worm and topical tick and flee ointment. You are doing the right things for you fur baby. We rv through out Canada and into the USA with our dog MJ, along with country and lake living. Protecting them and staying current is important. If you travel to Canada make sure you have Carmen’s latest vet papers to show the customs officer she is current with all her shots. Some time they ask to see it. Safe travels

  • I use Trifexis it's one pill once a month and it covers heartworm fleas and ticks and I live on a ranch in Texas and we got it all. Works on both my Shepherds my four-year-old and my 4 month old also my vet gives my fur babies the kennel cough shot and the rattlesnake vaccination. Especially here in the south. You'd be surprised how many snowbirds we have here and kennel cough can be very dangerous it's like whooping cough for doggies and transmitted a lot in RV parks. Being in the Hill Country in Texas we have more RV parks then Ranch is lately.

  • You are a good fur baby mommy! Looks like you have all the bases covered for Carmen's protection. I just hope you are protected as well!
    I liked that tip below of the dried garlic granules- going to have to try that on Dilly who is 13 now.
    That chart showed some ticks as small as fleas?? Good thing I have not seen one here in So Cal!

  • Are you still freaked out by all the bugs we have here on the east coast?
    Hopefully you have found a routine with the meds/pills that works for you – and that you never need to use the tick remover spoon (although if you do it works great!)
    From one dog mamma to another,

  • I have a 6 yr old goldendoodle and we've lived in Connecticut his whole life. I've always used Iverhart Max on him and really like it. Never had any problems. I tried Bravecto for a while with no problems, but after reading mixed reviews of it online I switched back to a topical flea and tick med (Parastar Plus). Our CT Vet said either one was fine. We are in a very heavy tick area, but he has never gotten a tick embedded in his skin (either on Parastar Plus or Bravecto). And I've never seen a flea on him at all. Sometimes we find dead ticks on his fur, but as long as they don't bite him, he's safe. Oh, and because we are in a high tick area, I do get the Lyme Disease Vaccine for him every year. My vet does insist that it is crucial for Connecticut. We are considering RVing with our dog eventually, so I'm always interested to hear how things are going with Carmen!