Five Easy Ways to Learn More About the RV Lifestyle

If you have recently purchased an RV, or if you are considering a purchase in the near future, you likely have a lot of questions about the RV lifestyle. Owning an RV is a big commitment, so educating yourself on a number of topics is a great idea. But where do you get that information? There are a wide range of sources available today, so you should be able to quickly find the info you need – as long as you are looking in the right place.

There is Plenty to Learn About Owning an RV
There is Plenty to Learn About Owning an RV

#1 – Online Blogs

Read blogs like this one! There are a number of RV blogs on the web today, and most of them offer great information regarding the RV lifestyle. One big advantage of this method is that you can usually interact with people who comment on the blog posts, and maybe even the author. That interaction is a great chance to ask any specific questions you have, and you may even wind up making friendships that last for years.

#2 – Books

A quick search of Amazon will reveal countless RV’ing books that you can use to quickly enhance your knowledge of this form of travel. RV books are great for getting to know the basics quickly, as many of your questions will be ones that are asked by nearly every new RV owner. Even just purchasing one or two books should be enough to quickly get you up to speed on most RV topics.

#3 – Talk to the Salespeople

If you strike up a conversation with the salespeople at your local RV dealership, you will find that most of them are RV owners themselves. With that in mind, they probably have plenty of tips and tricks to share with you – and since they are local, they might even be able to recommend a good campsite or two for you to check out. Of course, this method is going to be much more effective if you actually plan on buying an RV from the salesperson at the end of your conversation.

#4 – Chat with Other RV Owners

Do you know anyone else who owns an RV? If so, give them a call or bring up the topic next time you see them in person. You can learn a lot through this method, and you might even find that you end up traveling together after sharing information about RV ownership. Just like speaking with a salesperson, this method is also great for getting RV park recommendations.

#5 – Go RV’ing!

Information passed on from others is great, but there is nothing like gaining your own experience while out using your RV. As long as you know how to safely operate your RV, and you are comfortable doing so, you can learn everything else through good old fashioned trial and error. In fact, you might have a little bit more fun this way, as you will feel like you are discovering new things about your RV experience all the time.


  1. You forgot YouTube channels like Nomadic Fanatic, Jammin’ Along, and Love your RV just to name a few. There are more channels than a person has time to watch if you’re out RV’ing. 😉


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