Fleetwood Prowler RV water damage repair

Fleetwood Prowler RV water damage repair
RV water damage repair December 2011. Fleetwood Prowler 275N Fifth-wheel travel trailer. Sorry for the music, it’s the only music I could get to load due to …

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  • An aluminium frame would have been great but if only those clowns had water proofed the timber in the manufacturing process well that would have been ok. Terrible construction standards in order to save a few lousy bucks.

  • I just finished up replacing the slides rotted floor and bottom plate boards in slide wall. Also did simple floor patch at corner of slide opening. Now I have the front kitchen out and the entire front wall plus about 4ft down the right side. When I finish this part, the complete new roof kit is waiting. Got it stored in the rear bedroom. All this (and probably more) on a 2005 dutchmen 31ft'er. Think I'll do a school bus conversion next. The RV industry sure needs to imptove on their quality.

  • my opinion on this video………..GREAT JOB!!!! It's great to see a smart person doing these types of repairs. It give the rest of us hope. If you are still around, I might need your advice later on……thanks again

  • Thank you so much to Brad for this video (especially for the captions) and to other Fleetwood owners for their comments that help me know I am not alone in unknowingly having bought a very damaged '97 Mallard –learning every day HOW damaged–and would have no clue how to try to fix if not for videos such as this. THANK YOU, BRAD and INTERNET RV COMMUNITY, for sharing your knowledge. I know these videos take a long time to create.

  • I have a 98 Fleetwood Wilderness which is a variation of your RV. We have similar damage. I'm in the middle of a renovation on mine. I had to replace basically a good 3 foot section of plywood and framing on the whole rear of my RV. Also, I had rot on the underside front of my fifth wheel from roof leaks and marker lights. Also, had internal front ceiling and side wall damage that I had to repair. I replaced some framing and inside side and ceiling panels and trim. Its a lot of work to do the repairs, but much cheaper than paying inflated prices for new RV's. RV's are not for the weak and faint of heart!

  • I've searched for days on repairing an exterior fiberglass panel,,i have some rotten wood behind it and would love to see a how to video to use proper glues and how too ideas,,,,,any. Suggestions. Everthing that comes up is either a coach or a metal did dad camper. No fiberglass removal or renewal. Thank you

  • This is a great informative video, I have a Northwood Nash 27 5L Fifth wheel, I just had to replace all the plywood under the master bedroom around the pin box, what a job.
    I'm also facing a problem with the front of the trailer flexing in the front, I checked the frame while the plywood was out of the front, so it has to be wood rot in the box around the bedroom but I need a covered place to work, I think it's gonna take a bit longer than a week to repair.
    Your video was a great help deciding how to tackle it, I too can't afford a shop repair of this size and frankly I can probably do a better job, I think your repair was good quality.

  • Any suggestions on repairing the exterior of a 1994 Coachmen? Slight damage to the plastic/Fiberglass. Was thinking a fiberglass composite (mixture of fiberglass and resin) could reseal it, but not sure of the best option. The worst area is behind the awning bracket, on the front. I need to address this before the rain starts, as I don't see any signs of dry rot YET, and don't want a major repair, down the road. SUGGESTIONS??

  • Great job, its time consuming but totally worth it when done. I have/had major rot in my 26ft Prowler Toy Hauler and the PO hit a pole and damaged the right side. Fixed the rot in the left front the other week, now fixing the crash damage.

  • I have a 2007 30ft bumper pull with one slide-out. Well there was a leak on one corner of the slide that warped the interior corner wall and the corner of the ceiling above droops down. I'll need to replace both panels with luan plywood but need to know where to get exact match? I guess you're not in Texas?

  • we have a 2001 Jayco with fiberglass skin… it showed the delam but the damage was already extensive into the front passenger side corner… we ripped er apart and rebuilt it better than factory and insulated it better too…great video !!!!… we took a lot of pictures… that fiberglass is a beotch to get back on as they vacuum bond it in the factory and we just have glue and pressure

  • if you know anyone that has a used tag along at least 24 ft long it needs work done or somebody's getting tired of working on it I need someone to call me my number is area code 502 538 80 80

  • Thank you for a very informative video. I am a woman who has limited knowledge but wants to restore the camper that my late father had because it has sentimental value. I am determined to redo the whole thing! It has hail damage so i will need to replace all the siding too. It will be a big job, a labor of love. But oh the feeling when I get it all done. Thanks again! This is by far the most informative video i have watched yet.

  • so i have a very dump question.
    when you have to do this kind of reconstruction, why not bit the bullet and use that forever wood? they are the same size as 2×4 and can get it in almost any size? forever wood is that stuff you can replace your deck with. never rot, never warp, never goes bad.
    then the question is for the r.v. industry. all these years. you would think if your going to make people pay for such high end trailers you would give the customer that choice. so what, it never rots. but the resale would be amazing.

  • I have owned several RV/Campers, one must do a thorough inspection and know what to look for. Most water egress is at the seams and window frames. Anywhere water can get into a camper is where to start looking, A/C units, skylights, vents, and along the bottom edges. and around the water heater, under the sinks and along the water lines from the water tank. I am restoring a1971 Comet and showed the owner where there was water damage, got the unit dirt cheap.

  • I liked the song choice but then I'm very into music from foreign places. This one sounded Arabic. 💖 😊

    Good job on the repairs it looks awesome! It kills me when I see these estimates for repairs in the 1000s and then folks DIYing for a few hundred. It's like they just tak some zeros onto the end of a supplies receipt and hope you don't notice. 😆

  • I have the exact same problem, why do they screw and staple the cabinets from the outside? Mine is a 1997 prowler 27X bumper pull, bought if for $1500, but will save money doing this myself and know that it is right…good call on the kilz.

  • there's to access panel to my knowledge for tub and show plumbing. does anyone have advice on how to fix the tub.i thought a vinyl liner would work or a pan that cover entire bottom. I love the trailer and hate to loose it

  • my tub is cracked 1999 prowler and leaked now the wood is rotted. I tried to put wood under tub to support it and sprayed the tub with seal and eternabond tape. do they sell a liner for rv tubs so I can prevent this from happening

  • Excellent project !!!

    I learned a lot from this video

     I understand coatings and sealers but have never worked on a trailer or RV After this video I know where to spot problems before buying a real lemon. I might have gotten stung badly if I hadn't seen this great video !!!

    I can share some information I learned from 30 + years in the construction field.

    I love the fiberglass resin you applied. Most fiberglass resins are polyester based So resins that come with a two equal part mix for fiberglass or epoxy resin are the way to go.

    Kilz comes in 2 types, water base and an alcohol based shellac. Neither are suitable for moisture and will flake off with moisture.

     Use a flat oil primer to seal wood and prior to any caulking. Always prime areas first before applying caulking especially when sealing dissimilar surfaces

    All this can be verified with a call to sherwin williams

  • Thanks for sharing this! I rushed into buying a great deal on a 2001 26' Weekend Warrior. (Learned bout the lawsuit and bankruptcy later). Should have looked WAY closer but I didn't know what to look for. First trailer. I'm finding crap repair work and water damage in the front. All the putty seals around windows are caulked over and need replacing. I may replace all the siding with fiberglass if it looks too bad.

  • im working on my trailer damn its a lot of work.. i didnt know anything about campers and now i feel like a pro. still have the back half of mine to do and replace damaged siding. at first i was just trying to work around everything but just take it all out if its in the way it will make it so much easier.