Four Questions to Ask Yourself before Leaving on Vacation

Preparing for vacation is an exciting time. If you are like most RV owners, you have spent plenty of time ahead of the trip getting your rig ready, planning an itinerary, checking weather forecasts, and more. While it can seem like a long time to wait for a vacation to roll around, the final few days of preparation usually go by in a blur. It is easy to be caught off guard when suddenly that vacation that you have been dreaming about is set to begin tomorrow morning.

Gain Peace of Mind by Checking a Few Things Before You Go
Gain Peace of Mind by Checking a Few Things Before You Go

To avoid having excitement turn to anxiety, ask yourself the following four questions before you lock the doors to your home and head out onto the open road.

Question #1 – Is Everything Off?

This is the big question that should be dealt with right off the bat. You will never be able to relax while on your trip if you are constantly worried about what might have been left on at home. As you prepare to walk out the door, do a final walk through your home to check that things like the stove and furnace are safely in the ‘off’ position. If it will help you have peace of mind during your vacation, consider taking quick pictures with your cell phone of all of the appliances turned off. That way, if you are worried about it later on, you can check your pictures and be confident that all is as it should be.

Question #2 – Any Chores to Do?

You don’t want to pull out of your driveway only to notice that your lawn really needs a trip, or the leaves really need to be raked up along the sidewalk. Vacation should be all about relaxing, but you may have trouble relaxing if you are thinking about everything that needs to be done back home. Ask yourself this question a couple days before you are set to leave so you will have time to get things done before you go.

Question #3 – Have Everything You Need?

Most people think about their packing list before they head out, but they may forget about the day-to-day items that they take for granted. Things like cell phones, wallets, keys, and more can actually be easier to leave behind than your suitcase or camping gear. Once everyone in your traveling party is aboard the RV, stop for a moment and check for all of these essential items.

Question #4 – Ready to Have Fun?

Okay – so this is kind of a cheesy question, but it does have a good purpose. There is little point in going on vacation if all you are going to do is stress about home, so you need to make sure you are ready to relax and have a good time. By taking the proper steps to prepare for the trip, you will have done all you can do to get your house ready to be alone for a few days. Instead of leaving your mind at home while your body is on vacation, fully dedicate yourself to having a great time from the moment you pull out onto the road.


  1. Did you take precautions so thief’s will not know you are gone? Did you set lights and a TV/radio on a timer? Did you Stop the newspaper delivery? Do you have someone picking up your mail and watching your house?


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