Free RV Camping Options – Dispersed Camping in National Forests

Free RV Camping Options – Dispersed Camping in National Forests
How to find free camping and dispersed camping in National Forests or on BLM land. Full Time RV Life VLOGS: Enjoyed this video and …

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  • get a can of bear pepper spray for the rv. i will knock anything or anyone out. its legal to carry, in fact you can even take it to canada, just declare it, yet personal pepper spray is not legal.

  • And put a big NRA lifetime member sticker next to your "we shoot first then call 911" sticker on your rv to stay safe and alone.

  • Very informative. I also had never heard the term "Dispersed Camping".  And I was not aware that personal pepper spray could not be carried into Canada. Good to know!

  • I've heard you mention problems with cell phone coverage several times in your posts. Have you folks ever considered getting your amateur radio (ham) licenses? With repeater stations on top of so many mountains, you'd be surprised how good the coverage is across the country. You can't use an amateur radio like a phone, but you could request help and ask the locals for advice. The ham community is famous for their hospitality to other hams.

  • Really good info guys about boondocking… We are a year or so away from going full time but have yet to "pracitce" boondocking in our own area which would be a really good idea.

  • You can also get the MVUM, Motor Vehicle Use Map, for free, on PDF Maps. It is a great app, that reads GeoPDFs which shows the GPS coordinates of where you are. The Forest Service has a great site where you can download their GeoPDFs topos and the Map Store at PDF Maps has all the others,…..well a lot of the others. Some of the National Forests have not put out all there maps as GeoPDFs yet but a lot have. Coconino is one of them that has. Check them out. I learned about the app at a mountain bike trail building school and now I can pass it on.

  • I prefer backpack camping off trails in state forests or national parks here in Australia. Both legal with no limit but staying in one stop leads to damage which you can be picked up on. Never understood the idea of taking an entire RV with you, it's a bit like taking a house, you just separate yourself from the nature you are trying to attain and view.