Full Time RV Living | Arizona RV Park Shopping

Full Time RV Living | Arizona RV Park Shopping
With the company of friends, we took off to look at a few RV Parks / Resorts just North of the Phoenix area. In the process, we visited the following: Black Canyon …

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  • My first time watching, enjoyed the drive and view of the area. Excellent taste in music for the trip. Please post the name & artist so I can purchase for my next trip. Thanks keep them coming

  • Would have been nice to know the monthly rent at each of those places, and what amenities (shower, laundry, wi-fi, pool?) for comparison purposes. Never having been in that part of the country, this was quite interesting.

  • Many of these "parks" are just graded desert. Just put up power, sewer, and water and call it a park. If you include a cement block laundry room it's a resort. It's sad, really.

  • Go with the Motel RV park. Didn't look crowded and you would get to meet a lot of new people staying at the motel like hookers, drug uses, serial killers and two or three people on the FBIs 10 most wanted list I would assume.

  • If I'm going to live in an RV park, full or part-time, it's not going to look like that first park you pulled into, Black Canyon Ranch?! That place is nothing but one RV parked right up against the next??? Might as well have stayed in your house?!! What's the use? This ain't camping, it's CRAMPING!!
    I have to have some space and some trees and some hilly roads and some peace & quiet. Heck, there's not even any room for the birds and the squirrels at Black Canyon?!!

  • We're in a Tucson RV park for the winter, this is our first time in a park for more than a week or so. We've found ourselves surrounded by snowbirds that are 20 or so years our senior. We're in our early 50's, retired, and we are the "kids" in this 200 space RV park. Luckily, this park is for those who are 40 years old or older, many require you to be 55 or older, neither allow kids. The snowbirds come back to this same RV park year after year after year, reserving their spot for next year before leaving.

  • For a few dollars more you can stay at one of the so many 10-10-10 parks in AZ. My rig is a 32ft 3 slide fifth wheel, I will usually seek out the most amenities I can find in a park. I travel about 90 days a year and wife and I like the most activities and amenities I can find. AZ and the southwest in general has so many parks to choose from it's difficult.

  • I know the West has it's beauty, but being out in the hot sun all day isn't for me. Give me the east coast with it's mountains, trees, rivers and streams. Green as far as the eye can see all spring and summer long.

  • For some reason, I just DO NOT LIKE flat land masses. As soon as you drove toward the hills and mountains, I felt MUCH better. I want to move to Arizona but it has got to be a mountainous area.

  • That's a pretty nice dash-cam you're using. Would you car to share the manufacturer and model number? And maybe, where you found it? THANKS

  • you  might as well live in the city in your trailor to end up in rv park where they are parked on top of each other kind of defeats thepurpose of having a trailor to enjoy nature andget away from the hussble andbussle. I have more room at home on my three acres then being trapped ina tiny space with a thousand other campers. yuck!! might as well stay home.

  • Yes, very hot in the months, as you know very well ! Tent all sides to keep panels exposed, shade everything else, truck in water to run misters around the shaded perimeter for a play area??? Many folks here with patios use the drip irrigation misters for a bit of relief ! rc

  • Enjoyed the tour. Ever considered Wickenburg area? Take the Carefree highway (74) off the I-17. Or depending on where you're starting, I guess you could take the 60 or 303 straight up from west phoenix? Might be a shorter commute for you.

  • So where did you decide to stay? We are possibly looking at the same area for next Summer. Although my husband will be 55 next year…whoa! He's the old one, I'm 46 but we can still take advantage of the senior parks.

  • Thanks for the video. I happened to enjoy the music and I loved the tour. I've never been to Arizona so I appreciated getting a glimpse of it. Looks mighty hot and parched but I imagine the snowbirds like it. Thanks, again.

  • Funny, I always associated camping/RVing with isolation but looking at these RV parks there's nothing isolationist about it. When everybody's trying to "get away" but they all head to the same place, there is no getting away. I realize there's safety in numbers but I think I would prefer to be out all alone on some BLM land.

  • I would never follow your videos because of your blatant bias against older RV's. Do you have to have all shiny and new ones to feel good about yourself? Those older ones were not trashy and dirty they were just old. Some people purchase them new and intend on keeping them, rather than turning them in for shiny and new look all the time. That is what is wrong with this world. Everyone is so class conscious. I could understand if the park in itself was trashy but that was not the case. I pray you will grow up to be a better human being. Peace be with you.

  • 6 minutes in and just the same sad music repeating in a loop and no narration. Agggghhhhhh. I need information, not elevator musak. 10 minutes of what looks like the same site and still no narration. My eyes are starting to bleed.

  • All that money that you save on your mortgage and a safe place to come home to, you trade for buying a shit ton gas, car maintenance and get to live in a trailer-park miles from civilization. No fn thanks. This has to be one of the least informative RV videos on the Tube.

  • Maybe there are folks in these RV parks that don't want to " tolerate" you living there, ever think of that?
    Also why the move out of the house into your 34 foot?
    Bad financial move on your part? Underwater on your subprime? End up losing the place or something along those lines? Little too materialistic and now have to downgrade just to survive?
    Lets see if these people wanna tolerate you?
    Kind of an arrogant douche bag aren't you and oh by the way what's up with the stupid tune?
    Happy to say I was "117" on the thumbs down tab.
    Nope! Don't think so! Not good enough! Yah we're too good for this! You people are good for a laugh and I'm sure those people in those parks wouldn't have wanted the judgmental up tights dissing their vibe!