GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP – RV trip from MIAMI to CHICAGO and back, boondocking and exploring.

GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP – RV trip from MIAMI to CHICAGO and back, boondocking and exploring.
The Great American Road Trip is an RV road trip across America, all the way from Miami to Chicago, and back. We visit Rock City, in the outskirts of …

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Traveling Robert

  • Thanks for US tour Robert…my third video of yours in two days πŸ™‚ I love how you incorporated Architecture in your city stops.
    Planning to drive part of West, saw your channel while doing few research in YouTube. Keep up the good work sir…Be safe in your future travels.

  • Hi Robert, I am amazed by your work in this video. I am from Namibia, Southern Africa, and after watching this video, I feel like one who has been in America in person. This is a well done job, keep up!

  • That was a quick break you took off the turnpike! Tee Hee! I never saw anything but boring going through Georgia at 80 mph on our way to Jacksonville, Alabama. I try to talk my daughter to take off roads next time! Love traveling with you!

  • Love your videos of your trips! We are planning a trip to Key West and are excited about exploring the Latino food in Miami. My family is from Nicaragua, Cuba, and Puerto Rico so I am looking for great and authentic Latino food. NOT touristy. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks πŸ™.

  • Awesome video, you really do have a great voice and personality first video I've watched but I will be watching more love watching you go through the caves I don't like spiders and I'm claustrophobic so I'll just watch you go there

  • Wow there is so much to like in this video – so much to see. I loved seeing the 'stars at night' and the clouds and clear skys while you drive. We also RVed through some of the same places, but I was homeschooling my kids during our trips and some of the 'adult; things you did we did not do. It was fun to see them here. I was surprised the full size pyramid did not make it into the video.

    Robert we have used both a Class B and a travel trailer. I loved the flexibility of our 'van camper' as we called it. We did just drive up and park it anywhere. We traveled with our German Sheppard who would stay in the van when we went into some places. The best parking during the summer was when we would park in covered parking in the 'oversize' section. It was then safe from rain and too much sun. I could open the 'top windows' and turn on the Fantastic Fan so our dog was very comfortable. We gave her extra water and if the fan power cut off for some reason the windows were still open and she was in the shade. This was a very versatile RV. My husband was rarely with us (he has to work in NYC) on those trips it was me and my kids. I would still prefer the flexibility of the 'van camper' and ease of driving. My husband thinks it would be too small for us doing full time, or longer trips. I loved it.

    Thanks for your comprehensive great videos. While we had done several caves, including a cave on a large fully ride on electric golf cart with a guide It may be the only ride on tour of a cave. I could not have handled those claustrophobic cave walls especially when I saw it would not be easy to turn and get out of there. Were there 'hidden' escape routes like the Statue of Liberty tours to the top have? Geese, I feel myself having to control my breathing when I imagine I was down there with all of you!

    Thanks again for the 'you are there' experience you always give us when we travel with you!