Hop in! We’re Rving in Canada

What is the second largest country in the world? Yes, it’s Canada! Plus it has also a lot of tourist destinations where RVing aficionados also drive their way to this northern country just to experience what it has. So go and prepare to take your camper on a breathtaking Canadian RVing adventure.

c4fac-rving-in-canadaRVing in CanadaSo what places should be listed in your itinerary while you are RVing in Canada:

ALBERTAAlberta – the only place in North America where the prairie, boreal forest and mountain ecosystems collide. One of the reasons why this province of Canada attracts tourists from all over the globe and is indeed a ‘must-visit’ place for nature lovers.




BRITISH COLUMBIABritish Columbia – a province in the western part of Canada where you can be at the top of a mountain and be in the desert at the same time. You will just be hooked with its rich lakes, lush marshes and abundant rivers that is responsible for its mesmerizing wildlife which is what nature is offering you.



MANITOBAManitoba – the home of 500 species of black bears, birds, elks and a lot of wildlife entertaining visitors from different parts of the globe. Take pleasure of the views and amazing location right in your camper.






New Brunswick – want to experience the tides that are as tall as a 4-storey building? Take your RV to this province and be captivated with just how amazing the view and landscape is.





PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDPrince Edward Island – for RVers who loves the beach this province will take you away with its sandy beaches and its red stone cliffs where you can easily find a luxurious spot for your trailer.




If you think you had enough of Canada, well you are just beginning to experience what it can offer you and there is more for you to find out. So have a blast RVing in Canada.

  • To only mention 4 of the 10 provinces and not them all, is a little offensive!
    We have wonderful scenery, lots to offer in each province and great food everywhere!
    That would be the equivalent of saying there are only 4 states out of 50 worth seeing in the states!