How to Be Prepared for the Dreaded RV Breakdown

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Recreational vehicles are extremely complex machines with many parts which work together in order to provide a comfortable life on the road. Unfortunately, even the RV life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes our prized motorhomes and travel trailers can fail us. If you ever find yourself in this dreaded situation, take a deep breath and remember these RV must-knows:

Make a Safe Exit

The most important factor of all is the safety of you, the driver, and your passengers. Just as you would in a normal vehicle, turn on your hazard lights and get to the right shoulder while looking out for upcoming traffic. Ideally, you should make your way off of the highway at the nearest exit whenever possible.

Call for Assistance

The sigh of relief can come once you know you are covered with a roadside assistance plan. It’s foolish to drive without one, as most are affordable and extremely cost effective. With a quick dial and
hopefully a speedy wait time, a mechanic or tow truck operator will come to your aid. Of course every situation is different, and your breakdown location can determine your waiting period. It is important to keep in mind that if you are using the benefits of a roadside assistance plan, you must call the number provided on your policy and they will connect you with the correct service provider. If you call a nearby mechanic or tow without going through the roadside assistance policy first, you could run the risk of not having that service covered.

Be Prepared for Repairs

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A motto to RV by, always be prepared for your repairs by being mindful of your RV. If you had heard any odd noises close to the breakdown or noticed any quirks in the preceding days, let your mechanic know. This could help you get one step closer to a quick and easy repair process.

Reevaluate Your Protection Products

Nothing can be more nerve-racking than sitting in a repair shop awaiting your repair cost fate. Luckily, there are products on the market for RVers that help protect them against marked up towing and repair fees. The best way to get the most out of your RV budget is to do your research. Scroll through RV forums, read what other RVers are saying about their RV protection plans and learn how to get the best value. Get quotes from different providers and ask your questions. It is essential to read contracts on the policies before purchasing, so that you know what you’re getting out of it. Added benefits such as trip interruption are only offered on specific plans, and this is a requirement for many RVers.

Not only should you be protecting your RV budget from towing costs and roadside assistance service, but the high dollar repairs that many RVs require. Labor costs alone can run at over $100 per hour, and from there add on the costs for parts. Many RVers are getting informed and learning about the risks associated with owning an RV and how unforgiving repair costs can be. This educated wave of RVers is finding that in addition to roadside assistance and RV insurance, the final piece to protection on the road is an RV Extended Warranty plan. These extended service contracts, or RV Warranties, will protect your rig on components that would cost the normal shopper a heart-stopping fee. Deductibles are often part of the deal, similar to insurance plans, but pale in comparison to the high combination of modern parts and skilled labor. With products like roadside assistance and RV extended warranties, you are sure to be prepared for your next RV breakdown.

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