How to Boost Your RV Wi-Fi

Even when on the go, most people today prefer to be connected when at all possible. Having access to Wi-Fi has countless advantages, including the fact that you can check in with people back home, keep up with work, read the news, check sports scores, and more. Being able to access Wi-Fi while staying in your RV may enable you to extend your trip longer than it would have lasted otherwise, so you want to make sure that Wi-Fi signal is as strong and consistent as possible.

boost-your-rvs-wifiUnfortunately, Wi-Fi in the RV world has not developed as quickly as many other pieces of technology. Sure, you might find plenty of RV campgrounds that offer Wi-Fi service, but the quality of that service is going to vary greatly from place to place. If you want to make sure you have reliable access to the internet at a reasonable speed, you need to take matters somewhat into your own hands.

Your Options

Generally speaking, you will have three different options to access internet from your RV. Those options are public Wi-Fi networks like those offered from an RV park or even a restaurant, a satellite connection that you pay for, or a cell plan. Of course, a cell plan is only going to work when you have coverage, so this is not going to be a suitable choice for those who travel well off the beaten path.

Most likely, you are going to want to look to Wi-Fi networks for your service in most cases. Satellite plans can be hit and miss at best, and using your cell coverage is only going to work when you are near to main roads or big cities – which is not where most people choose to camp in their RV’s. So, you are left with the usually slow and often inconsistent Wi-Fi signals available on public networks to obtain the internet access you desire.

Getting a Boost

The key to getting useful speed and performance from a public Wi-Fi network often comes down to using a booster. Most likely, your RV is going to be parked a significant distance away from the actual origin of the Wi-Fi signal that you are trying to use. For instance, the Wi-Fi offered by a campground will be housed in the main building that serves as the office for the business. Depending on your campsite, that could be several hundred feet or more away from where you are parked. Picking up a Wi-Fi booster that can be added to a USB port on your computer will help you bring in signals from a longer distance away than you would be able to otherwise. Having a booster will often mean the difference between not being able to get on line at all, and having a solid signal that can allow you to take care of your business quickly and easily.

As an added piece of good news, a Wi-Fi booster is not a product that is going to require a significant investment. Many models can be had for around $20, which is a great deal considering how helpful this product can be while out on the road. Good luck and safe travels!