How to Camp Without Disturbing the Wildlife?

No trace camping is an ideology for many RVers and the truth is, it is a national program too. Environmentally friendly camping is not only satisfying but rewarding as well.

de95b-bigfootFurthermore, if you camp without disturbing the Wildlife, you can also keep the grizzly and the sasquatch off too!

According to Deep Jungle Home,

“,living in the woods for the weekend can prove to be extremely dangerous if you are not equipped to deal with it or are unaware about the safety guidelines”.

Disturbing the Wildlife

Try these Tips on How to Camp Without Disturbing the Wildlife

  • Natural clearings: These paths in the outback might seem too lucrative, but if you see that it is cleared by non-humans, it is better to move on.
  • Nest and bedding area: Every animal has its own shelter or bedding. If you see low foliage, unusually setup, this must be the nesting site of animals.
  • Avoid Trampling the vegetation: When moving around in your giant rig, do not trample or stampede the flora and fauna.
  • Appropriate Waste Management: Whenever camping in an area that is conserved as wildlife habitat, make sure you dispose the wastes, inclusive of wrappers and use-and-throw foils appropriately. The best solution is to take it back with you.

Every national forest and wildlife habitats are governed by certain rules to keep both the wildlife and humans safe. Make sure to check the Wildlife rules specifically at each campground.

What are your etiquettes of camping without disturbing the wildlife? We would love to hear about it. Tell us in the comments below. 😀