How To Check A Used RV So You Don't Buy A Lemon

How To Check A Used RV So You Don't Buy A Lemon
Watch this video and learn how to inspect a used RVs so you don’t get caught buying a lemon. These tips and tricks will show you how to inspect a used RV …

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  • Should be titled, "How to check the walls of a trailer". Nearly 7 minutes of checking the walls, not much else in the way of advice. I'm left wondering how to check an engine compartment, slideouts, water tanks, and so many other parts of an RV.

  • I wanted to say I really appreciate what you're doing over there at Moore's RV. As someone who's never owned a RV and is now on the market for a used one this video is priceless. You could of just saved me thousands. Thanks so much!

  • good, informative video. the music is a bit distracting, though. it's a bit too loud as background noise. the video would be easier to follow your points without the music at all.

  • Wish I would have seen this before I purchased a used RV from Camping world in Kaysville Utah. They sold me a used 28 ft fifth wheel with a lot of problems, when I took it back they just threw their hands up. Really screwed me. I recommend first time buyers stay away

  • Would not buy that one based on the look of that fiberglass! Always herd, look down the side of the trailer for waves in the walls. But I do like that quarter trick. Thanks for video!

  • So my next question is, if there is delamination, what's the impact?  How hard is that to repair?  Trying to figure out how much value to place it on it.

  • For used trailers stay AWAY from any that are not molded fiberglass and built like a boat. Basically a top and bottom half. Only two pieces for the entire shell. They don't delaminate and fall apart like the type in this vieo. ALL other trailer (or motorized RVs) rattle apart from being on the road. If cars were built like that they would literally fall apart within 7-10 years and become leaking sieves.

  • Sorry but I forget the young man's name regarding moore's RV video.  This man was great in how and the way he presented his information during this video.  Congratulations on a great presentation.  J. Robinson San Antonio, TX