How to Clean an RV Water Heater the Right Way!

How to Clean an RV Water Heater the Right Way!
Also referred to BY SOME as a HOT WATER HEATER Checklist for Periodic Water Heater Maintenance. Preseason preppers or Full-Time RV users, perform all …

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  1. Once a Month … with the hard mineral well water I have here in Arizona a flush once a month seems like a reasonable idea if not prudent. The 'AIR GAP' step in this video is something I hadn't done when I replaced my clogged and faulty pressure relief spicket/valve. I did of course from reading the instruction found on the package open faucets as you describe.
    The faulty spicket or spichot having been R&R'd has since been soaked in a bowl of vinegar hoping it will be once again operable and could be reinstalled if not far into the future if my new valve fails but put to use for a neighbor here in the park where I reside.

  2. Good video. Unfortunately I have to replace my water heater this weekend because of a cracked tank. The old one is 12 years old and to my knowledge has never been flushed properly. Once I put a brand new one in I'll follow these informative steps you gave here to keep it in tip-top shape. Thanks.

  3. There has to be a better way to let the water drain away from the housing. We all are so paranoid about water leak damage everywhere else on the unit. We all just accept it to run down and out like it does here. I do agree it's minimal, if any damage that may get behind the metal housing. But I bet it happens.

  4. Is it sanitary to have the potable water supply hose connected thru a wye to both the city water connection AND the black tank flush, even with a check valve on the black tank connection?

  5. Do you have any tip on getting an anode rod out that doesn't want to budge? I have a Suburban and it has never been changed. Your videos is the best one I've seen!


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