How to Clean Your RVs Holding Tank Sensors | Pete’s RV Service Tips (CC)

How to Clean Your RVs Holding Tank Sensors | Pete’s RV Service Tips (CC) Resident RV Expert Randy Murray discusses a multitude of ways to clean your gray/black water holding tank sensors, clearing all inaccurate …

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  • Like all of us, I struggle with black tank sensor problems. You shared some great ideas here that I have never heard before and I am anxious to try them. As simple as it sounds, never thought of the hot water trick. Thanks again!

  • I always add about 8 gallons of water to my black tank after i dump it, the drive home it will slosh around and help break up any solids. Before leaving on my next camping trip I add a large cap of laundry detergent to the tank and let that slosh around on my trip to the campground. If there isn't a smell issues i don't dump until I'm ready to leave. If you have full hook up, water in you black tank is your friend. Always use plenty of water when flushing and always batch dump your black tank, never leave it open to drain. When you drain your black tank, add water back to it.

  • I Love your videos! Thanks for all this important information! I'm thinking abo it getting a RV and all this information is going to help me make up my mind! Thanks again!

  • My black tank sensor was messed up for a long time.ย  Now, just before I head out for the weekend, take a bucket of HOT water, about 4 gallons, dump that down the toilet and throw in one of those Cascade dish washing pods.ย  The steam from the hot water, the hot water, and the Cascadeย pod now make for a nice mixture for the 2-hour drive to help clean the sensors, but actually clean the whole tank, and makes it smell fresher.

  • How to clean your black tank sensors. The Tim the tool man method…

    First, flush 50 lbs of scented candles down the RV toilet…(doesn't work, duh!)
    Next, get an acetylene torch…
    Remove the black tank along with a third of the RV….
    Thank the neighbor for the use of his fire extinguisher…
    Open the black tank using explosives….
    Have a nice chat with the local police and fire guys…
    Re-engineer the power washer to use a Chevy 454 engine for power…
    Clean the entire RV, inside and out using 77,000 PSI water….

    Begin to clean the sensors upon returning from the emergency room….

  • Randy, as your doctor I'm here to tell you you have a throat problem, you can't speak for a couple of days until it heals.

  • Randy, Loved the Video! The quick pace was awesome! Get to the point without going in to the chemical constituents of dung and its cohesive nature. I wish all DYI vids were this efficient! Thanks Bro!

  • Would someone explain the sani-flush connertor/connection? Probably all the same, but I have 35' Winnebago Class A. What is the deal with small shiny smooth opening in front of garden hose size attachment covered by plastic. What am I to attach there or take apart? I'm sure it's simple and water is to spray inside for cleaning. Someone take pity…what am I to connect…nothing fits or screws!! Help and thanks

  • I typically wait until I am back home to dump my black water tank. This usually helps everything break down and cleans my sensors as well. Is this a good idea?

  • Having a pitcher sitting handy inside your shower to catch the cold water coming thru the shower head before the water becomes hot and using that cold shower water to pour into the toilet before using it for #2 would be efficient and not wasting water normally running down the drain while waiting for a hot shower.

  • Toilet cleaning rigmarole can be the biggest clincher when deciding to buy an RV. Why do we have to use the RV toilet the same way we do at home? At home we don't have to clear up the septic tank physically every three days. In the RV toilet can't we keep a plastic bag in the commode and after every use you just pull the bag up, tie up its mouth and and store the bags till we get to a dump yard and dispose all the bags. That would be clean and simple. Have the black tank only for urine. Has anyone tried any such alternative ways of using the toilet without water? There is also one more suggestion. The bath should have a shower but don't use soap. If you are in a countryside you don't even need to have a black tank at all, just let the water flow out. It is like having a shower in the open. If you are in a city then you should not use the toilet in the RV. Go to a restroom. You should use toilet and kitchen only when you in the countryside. Will that not solve the problem?

  • I get no lights at all on either of my holding tanks… all of the other Indicator light up as they should so it's not the bulbs.
    How about Baking Soda and Vinegar into the Grey water tank ?

  • Sound like a great idea. I have my grey water reading 2/3 full all the time and well was also going to buy calgon water softener and add it to the tanks . Hope the hot water Idea works for the grey water. Must have food stuck on it lol!!!