How To De-Winterize Your Camper

How To De-Winterize Your Camper
This video shows us de-winterizing our Starcraft Launch 16RB. It reviews what steps you need to take and what supplies you will need. Here’s a link to where …

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  1. Not sure if you are still responding to this thread, but I just purchased a Starcraft (2014) that has been winterized. My question is, after you used the spring fresh, did you let it sit for a few hours, a day, or after agitating can you drain it?

  2. Awesome, awesome video! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it. I loved how you took your time, but kept it short, and to the point of what I needed to learn. Iam a visual learner so seeing what you were doing was so helpful. I do have a question, have you heard of people use vinegar instead of spring fresh, or bleach? Again thank you, thank you. LeeAnn. Do you have a winterizing video. If so I can't wait to watch.

  3. Very helpful. We have a 20' Airstream we need to de-winterize. It hold 23 gal. of fresh water. You said the fresh water tank should be about 2/3 full before adding Spring Fresh. How much Spring Fresh should I use? Thanks again for the informative video.

  4. So I just bought a 2016 Minnie Winnie tow-trailer. My wife took it out on it's maiden voyage over the holiday weekend. When it came to shower, we found the water (after being connected to city line with our installed regulator) only trickled. The pressure was low. Again, being connected to the city line (60-80 PSI), we found the shower pressure extremely low. Hmm, any ideas? Would welcome your (and YouTubers) ideas! Thank you! 🙂

    • Take the head off of the shower and see if there are pebbles in or something blocking the water getting out of the shower. ESP if you get good water pressure in other faucets and toilet. ALSO most RVs have a shut off on the shower so you do not waste water while soaping up, make sure it is totally off when you want the water pressure coming out of the shower. LET us know if that helps.

  5. As a new trailer owner, my wife and I appreciate the explanations. Simple, easy to follow! When I bought the trailer, no one took the time to explain how it works, lol. Will be checking out more of your videos!

  6. 3:50 Why do you have antifreeze on your water heater tank??? Aren't you suppose to keep the antifreeze from going in the water heater tank by closing the inlet and outlet and opening the bypass??

  7. outstanding video, i just purchased my jayco. in late oct. so it was winterized at camping world but again thank for a good video. i had run across a lot of different ones , but me being in longmont, i figured i trust a fellow coloradan, for the info..

  8. After flushing all the antifreeze from your lines, you added the water cleaner or deodorizer how do make sure that is fully out of your clean water tank? I dont imagine you would want to just leave the faucets on till the clean water tank is empty, couldnt that burn up the water pump? Thanks for all the help. New to campers.

  9. I hook up to city water with hose so I do not use my water pump to bring water through lines. I also do not put any antifreeze in water heater after draining it and washing it out of the crud that accumulates during the season.


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