How to Drive a Motorhome/RV — Mirror Adjustment & Lane Control

How to Drive a Motorhome/RV — Mirror Adjustment & Lane Control
In our latest RVgeeks Driving School video, Peter, a former Safety & Training Manager for a large bus company, shows how to adjust and use RV mirrors and …

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  • This is, without a doubt, THE best video I've watched on how to drive a motorhome and trust me, I've watched too many to count. I've never seen anyone go through all the steps, mark out the driving area, use cones, hose down the tires to illustrate how the wheels track and use a drone to film so much of it from above. You guys did a phenomenal job and I appreciate all the work you put into making this video. This merits way more than a five star rating.

  • Thank u thanku. Boy do we need help with this.
    I have to jump out 12 times to adjust mine. So tickled when I get it rite. I didn't know the near front was the worst blind spot. And now I know staying nearer a truck lets them see me better.
    U'r welcome.

  • Pausing again@ 2minutes 38 seconds. You are spot on about aim, because , if at this point you don’t know how tall your rig is, aiming your mirrors at airplanes coming up your 6 is pretty much worthless. You got this, I’m just bemusing at this point! GOOD VID! Keep them coming. One less accident is greatly appreciated.

  • Gentleman please, before I even go on to the rest of this vid, I’ve paused @ 1:41 in to it and I drive for a living……. If you don’t say, look at the wide angle mirror first,,,, I will unsubscribe.. 8-12 rule….. please!! Smith system.

  • AWESOME, great video, as usual! thanks. Motorcycles have a way of creeping around you at a fast pace. Hopefully, the scanning will give a heads up when they approach. Staying to the right helps also

  • The convex mirrors have too much of the mirror housing in view, which sacrifice valuable mirror real estate that could be used to see more of the surroundings. The entire mirror housing needs to be rotated outward away from the side of the RV a little to eliminate that issue.

  • Really outstanding and timely video for me. Just purchased a 1999 40 foot Foretravel and learning the in's and out of it. One thing I wish you had addressed it the placement of the drivers side mirror. Do you like it more forward or aft of the windshield and why ? Looks like you prefer it forward in the video. Have you tried moving it back closer to you?

  • At 6:05 I realised why there are numerous accidents worldwide regarding big vehicles like lorries and so on, because the driver does not have the understanding of not being lulled into a false sense of security.

  • Thanks RVgeeks I'm a firm believer in proper mirror adjustment, without it and proper knowledge of scanning you could not be a good defensive driver. Thanks again.

  • Very good video, as a retired semi truck driver I always adjusted my main mirrors (flat) just outside of the sides of the truck to where I had to tilt my head just a fraction of an inch toward the mirror I was looking at to see the side of the truck. You’d be surprised at how much longer you can see a vehicle coming alongside before disappearing from sight thereby increasing the safety zone. Later I drove school buses for 6 yrs. and when I had to substitute for another driver invariably I had to readjust the mirrors prior to driving because they had their mirrors adjusted so that half the mirror was looking at the side of the bus, then they would come back to me complaining about me adjusting their mirrors, my reply was always the same, I know what color the side of the school bus is but I don’t know what is beside me in the next lane. Sometimes I changed their mind sometimes not, but I knew I was safer using my method.

  • Excellent video, amazing amount of work went into it obviously. Have a question about dual (team) drivers: It seems like it would be a lot of work to adjust these mirrors for each driver, or do modern bus/RV mirrors have programmable positions like some cars? I ask because my partner and I are two different heights and use the automobile settings all the time. However, my MCI has fixed mirrors and you can't just 'reach out and touch' them to adjust!

  • What a well made video. This gives so much great info on setting up the RVs mirrors and what to look for while driving, again I gotta say what great work and effort you guys do for us out here in computer land 🙂 keep up the excellent work.

  • I hate when a car hits the blind spot, and exits (without me noticing the exit). It is the only time I tend to panic about where the car went. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, I change speed to make sure the car isn't hidden due to speed matching.