How To Dry Your Towels In A Campground

Take a look at these ingenious ways to dry your clothes with or without a DIY Cloth drying rack.

RV Centre on How To Dry Your Towels In A Campground

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Gav Grayston on Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes in a Campground

  • Hand Wash-take some plastic washing-up bowls when camping, as these are ideal for hand washing clothes. Just warm some water up in the kettle and use some detergent.
  • Bushcraft Way- Get fine bits of wood ash. Ideally they should be sieved, but that’s not always practical when camping. You don’t want any wood ash with food, plastic, or other non-wood items in it. Mix with warm water to make a grey paste. If you add a small drop of oil, this paste should turn soapy.

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The Crew at Scout Pioneering on Cloth Drying Rack for Wet Towels When in Campgrounds

  • It takes up less space while drying more wet things.
  • It eliminates the clutter of clothing and towels haphazardly strewn around on tables, tree branches, tent platforms, or overcrowded on a disorganized array of drooping clothes lines.
  • It can be set up in a location where there is the most sunshine.

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As each campground has its own facilities for the drying area, it is not every day that you will find enough space to wash and dry your clothes. It is better to make a DIY portable drying rack if there is no space or drying your wet towels in the campground. The most important thing to remember is not to disturb the wilderness when setting up your drying area.