How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your RV

Have you discovered mice in your RV? Mice are a threat not only to your health, but also to your RV!

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How to spot if you have Mice in your RV?


  1. Are the plumbing hole-fittings in your RV unnaturally large or rugged at the edges?
  2. Have you found mice-eaten clothes or wires in the RV?
  3. Do you find your taped-shut boxes have holes?
  4. Have you found mouse droppings on your kitchen cabinet or in the cupboards?
    Here’s what mouse droppings look like:
    Mice in your RV

If your answer is ‘yes’ at least once to the questions above, then your RV is already under the threat of infestation and you must immediately get rid of the Mice in your RV.
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  1. Just leaving dryer sheets in the pantry and drawers has kept my RV critter free for several years. I change the dryer sheets out each season. They do no harm to pets or humans, but keep mice and bugs away.

      • I use moth balls for storage . I park it in the barn and put moth ball around anything that touches the ground, even where the power cable comes off the ground as I plug our camper in all winter. never have had mice in the camper.

      • ye the Peppermint oil does work well, that is what we use all the time, and we are fulltimers. I put it on little round make-up pads and them put that in a little plastic cup .

        • So when a mouse gets into our RV and I have peppermint oil around, how does that stop mice? Or where u putting the oil?

        • Yes I agree but I used peppermint extract because it was cheaper and I also put cloves out and no mice this winter. Last winter they were everywhere.

        • I also use peppermint oil, I put a small amount t in a plastic bag, add cotton balls to absorb the oil and place ball in corners and cabinets as will as under the sinks. Never have has a mouse since using this method.

      • YUP THAT IS WHAT WE USE ALSO. I save Spice Jars, put cotton balls in the jars and add P.Oil this way it will not get Oil on anything. Ours is Stored in Winter so Hubby goes out about once a month adds more Oil to the jars in the Belly and inside the Front door. I put it in Kitchen Drawers and hall Closet and Bedroom Drawers and Closet before Locking up for the Winter. I also totally Saturate all the Wood with Orange Glo. By Spring it has Soaked in.

      • Peppermint oil has not worked for me!! Put it everywhere on cotton balls etc even out in ducts in ceiling!! No luck!! They are eating the insulation!!have done everything peoples on here suggest no luck !!never had a problem like this in ten years of camping!!!

  2. I store my towels, linens, and clothes in the house during the winter in Rubbermaid bins. We also found that removing the grill from the basement and storing it outside in a shed helps a great deal also. Any grilling utensil’s that may have butter or oil scents on them need to be packaged tightly so that the mice can not smell them. I use peppermint oil on old dryer sheets and refresh monthly, it helps a great deal. Do not store any food in the RV when its not in use, less to attract them helps keep them out as well.

  3. Please don’t use chemical mouse killers. Anything eating the mouse (owls Hawks cats etc ) will be killed.

  4. PEOPLE. …. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE POISON TO KILL MICE, RATS, MOLES, OR SQUIRRELS!!!!!! By doing so, there are MANY more animals that die because they EAT the dead mice, etc. For example OWLS …. There are some things on the market that DONT “double kill” , so read the label carefully because you ONLY want to kill the mice or rats and NOT the other innocent animals who eat them.

    • Or least weasels which go in and attack the mice where there at. Had a game warden tell me how lucky we were to have least weasels around. They are about 4-6 inches long and are predators for mice. But if you poison the mice, there goes your least weasel,too.

  5. We buy Home Depot buckets, fill them 1/3 with antifreeze, take an empty can (vegetables/fruit size), drill a hole in it and put it on the bucket handle so it turns. Smear the can with peanut butter, and crumbs or cereal. Take a short 2×4, lean it against the bucket to serve as a ramp.

    The critter crawls up the ramp to get the food, reaches for the can whch will turn throwing said critter into antifreeze.

    Voila! When returning to RV at the start of the season, have HUSBAND dispose safely of it all. We just cover it with the cover that came with the bucket and dispose of it.

    • This sounds interesting. After the can is on the bucket handle and the handle falls back down to the side of the bucket how does the mouse get thrown up and into the bucket after the walk up the wood?

      • I do this but I take the handle off and use a wire. Drill 2 holes in opposite sides if the bucket and put the ends thru the hole and bend them down. Mice crawl up the board and onto the wire to get to the can. Once they are on the can it spins dropping them into the bucket. In the summer I just put water in it so they drown. I dont put anything on them in the winter tho. Just takes longer for them to die.

    • You drill two holes under the rim and string a wire across. Before stringing the wire, take a plastic water bottle with holes drilled in the cap and bottom of the bottle and string it onto the wire, suspending it over the open bucket. Smear peanut butter over the bottle. The mice jump onto the bottle and fall into the abyss.

      If you are in a warm climate, use water and it won’t affect other scavenging birds or animals. The antifreeze works great in freezing cold conditions and also pickles the mice. Dispose of the mice where other critters can’t get at them.

    • A 5 gallon bucket 2/3 full of Water with seeds floating on it will work too. They drown. No chemicals involved.

      • I use Irish Spring, but found it only works if it is shredded….I shred it on a vegetable grater and place it in all
        the strategic places. One year I just cut it into pieces, but that year did not work.

  6. These .hints. are also good for the thousands of people who live in a “mobile home park.” For many of us live in a “mobile home” built in the 1960’s and 1970’s – and there are many ways for mice to get into the kitchen and bathroom. …. But, for the “antifreeze” suggestion, what happens when neighbors’ pets find it?

    • I think some are getting off track. This is for RV (campers, motor homes). These solutions would be inside the RV not the house someone is living in. I live in a mobile home myself with 2 cats. Yes I do get mice in it. That’s where they take over. The mice either get back out or die from starvation from being hunted. I know the spots they get in. Because the openings are for ventilation, I stuffed dryer sheets in the points of entries. I am going to try the Irish spring soap also.

    • dryer sheets use to work in my old trailer but not my new one, and as for the mice getting out of the bucket Betty, they can’t we just use water in the bucket, peanut butter jar (smeared with a little peanut butter) with hole drilled through with a small wire through it (end to end), attach wire ends to top of pail and put a small plank from floor to side of pail, mouse will jump on to peanut butter container spin then land in water, use a deep bucket and no need for antifreeze or poison

    • I do the bucket in my shop, but use water instead of antifreeze in the summer. Because water freezes, I don’t use anything in it in the winter. Just takes longer to die because they can’t get out of the bucket and just starve to death.

  7. irish spring soap works good along with covering up the plug in with masking tape even if they have plastic on them

  8. I use really heavy scented dryer sheets. We also have a critter sound instrument in there. Haven’t had any mice.

  9. we had a treatment done to our new rv that they call “mouse proofing”, had a guarantee with it, they have it sprayed with a black substance that they use for rust proofing cars. The mice don’t like it. We’ll see how it works, this will be our first winter.

  10. I use Rodent Odor Free. It is a little sack that you hang about 2″ off the floor and it covers 400 sq ft. A package contains 6 sacks and costs approx $30.

  11. We have a camp on Cayuga lake. When we close up I always put moth balls around the out side. Never have found a mouse in the spring when we go back. Just be sure
    to clean them up so your dogs can not get them. We have never had a mouse since I have been doing this.

  12. Moth balks are toxic to both animals and people. Mice like to eat bars of soap. We have discovered something environmentally friendly, people friendly and small animals can’t stand the smell. Soak cotton eye pads with peppermint oil. Try for yourself with a cat or a dog. They don’t like the smell and your RV smells like peppermint. Win win.

  13. We left our trailer in Florida for the summer. We used dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, bay leaves. We did it all. We had to go get the trailer in September. Brought it back here to Ohio. We had mouse droppings all over the floor and we bright a BLACK SNAKE home also!!! None of this worked!! We killed the snake but I don’t want to go back in the trailer!! I talked to a Naturalist and he advised us to go get some mouse traps and put cheese with peanut butter on the traps. That would get rid of the mice. If anymore snakes are in the trailer, he said get rid of the snakes food source and the snake or snakes will leave.

  14. We’ve added screens in all of the heating vents. Seems to help a bit. Also we took apart all skylights, air conditioning units, etc. and added wire screens. Wish the RV manufacturers would think about making their RVs more mouse proof to begin with!

  15. When we first bought it, my husband put a bright light in the camper when it was dark, then went and filled any holes where the light shone through with spray foam insulation, then put the light under the camper and repeated it from the inside. At the end of the season I remove all non-perishables that aren’t canned and wipe the counters well. Then we us a little bit of moth flakes in non-food compartments. Outside…and this seems to be the key…we take CritterRidder from Home Depot and sprinkle it on the ground wherever the camper touches the ground, and then a full circle around the perimeter. He repeats it midway through the winter.

  16. Peppermint oil has been the only thing outside of traps and removing all items that they would chew or eat that has worked for us. The mice chewed the Irish spring soap and made a huge mess. I still cannot get the moth ball smell out of my’s disgusting. Take my advice don’t use moth balls. They are toxic!

  17. lots of good advice being given and with every suggestion comes one that says it didnt work !!Pretty funny really .i think overall PEPPERMINT OIL wins and I will try that !!

  18. We have a ranch house in the country and have had regular visits from mice. Some of our neighbors told us about an electrical plug in brand name being “Hoont”. We had tried these devices before with varying success but the Hoont absolutely works. The reason is that unlike the other ones before the Hoont randomly changes it signal and the mice won’t settle in. We also use a product called Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent which isn’t a poison and it also works well. We buy this at the feed store but I am sure it can be found on Amazon or another online source.

  19. I keep the underbelly sealed and use either caulk or great stuff along with a wad of steel wool. Mice will not chew through the steel wool. Keeping the under belly sealed is a great start to keeping critters out of the RV.

  20. Dryer sheets with a peppermint tea bag on it. All through out the camper. Moth balls in all the outside storage areas. All linens are kept in Rubbermaid totes while stored in a barn at the fairgrounds in the winter

  21. many mentions of antifreeze, this not used in the bucket to poison critters but to prevent the water in the bucket from freezing during the winter. Car windshield antifreeze would work as well as non-toxic solutions…. which would be the best idea if the bucket is accessible by pets or critter we want to keep around

  22. any food “baits” are a dumb idea (peanut butter/cheese etc)… are ATTRACTING mice which is the last thing you want. Use the green mouse blocks, the kind housed in a plastic little box where only mice can get in, place them around your tires and hitch, and forget it. They eat the block which dehydrates them and they go off and die elsewhere. Don’t place anything INSIDE your rig

  23. I put about 1/2 doz moth balls tied in a piece of panty hose and hang them under the camper in about 4 places. Haven’t had a mouse in years.

  24. In our old camper before we got our AS, we put steel wool in the points of entry and that solved our problem for a good 10 years I did not found mice turds in the camper. Believe me I hate mice turds! We have not done this for the AS yet so I know it is a matter of time before this problem comes back but I will use steel wool again. But I like the other ideas however the mice are still in the camper, I figure if we keep them out that is the best.

  25. We have had great luck using the Mouse Blocker in ours. We mounted multiple units back where the mice like to nest by our refrigerator and by the generator and a/c units. These areas are very costly if repairs are needed and since installing have had no issues.

  26. I buy a pine oil scented cleaning liquid from WalMart which has more pine oil in it than Pine Sol. We pour a bit of the liquid into a small (washed out) canned chicken breast can in which we placed small pinecones. The scent smells like pine trees. The pine scent appears to keep mice and bugs out of the camper. I have also used “Pinecones” fragrance oil in the same manner. The WalMart method is less expensive than the candle fragrance oil.

  27. Dryer sheet , soaked with peppermint oil, wrapped around a bar of Irish Spring, suspended over a bucket of antifreeze….hahahahah! Just kidding, all good ideas!

  28. Instead of the costly peppermint essential oil, you can use WalMart brand of what would be Pine Sol. It has more concentrated peppermint oil in the cleaner, smells good, and last a long time when put on cotton balls or whatever in washed out cans placed here and there. I pour my pine scented cleaner on tiny pinecones that sit in a washed out canned chicken can and leave it in the bathroom in a corner.

  29. Used the dryer sheets this year no mice but had a ground squirrel get in and build a nest in the bathroom drawer with babies, after tearing apart the bathroom cupboard I found a passage way going under the toilet riser I pulled the toilet and bingo there was a 1 inch gap around the sewer pipe used Steele wool and bought a ultrasonic rodent repeller and keep it under the rv and on all the time so far no squirrels in my yard

  30. I use moth balls and only bounce sheets all over trailer every falls keeps all rodent other animals and insects away and at leaSt 3 bowls of charcoal throughout trailer take moisture out of the air . Been doing this 18 years now

  31. You also need to Place SOS pads in any cracks or around any pipes going into trailer. Mice wont eat the metal. Close any tiny holes, they can squeeze in. I do this in all older trailers. Seems to work.

  32. I make a pouch out of an old sock with a good amount of moth balls inside. Place the pouch behind the tire, on top of the axle. If you have a fifth wheel, do something similar on the landing gear. On a trailer, on the hitch. THEN…leave every cabinet, cupboard and drawer open. You never find a mouse nest in an open area. This combination has worked well for me thus far. I’ve tried the dryer sheets and Irish Spring with poor results.

  33. I had an infestation and tried all of the above and it cost me a fortune on all the gadgets etc.
    I hired an Pest Exterminator and he set up baiting stations 8nside and outside my RV and within 2 months I was mice free and that was a year and a half ago… cost $200 for the Service which included 12 stations and bait for which I keep and haven’t had a nibble since.

  34. If you see any areas around pipes, etc, stuff steel wool in the holes. The mice don’t like steel wool. I’ve use this for years and it works great.

  35. when in storage several mouse traps out side around tires & leveling jacks and several mouse traps inside around slides and in Kit area ,, baited with Peanut butter — check them every couple weeks ,, if i do use Bucket method i use an-freeze in winter ,,,as water will freeze ,,, ice skate or drowned


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