How To Have A Stargazing Party In Your RV

For an RVer, astronomy actually goes hand in hand with being in nature … 

A Stargazing Party is also an extravagant everyday festival, for RVers, according to Rusty’s Ranch!


For many RV veterans, Borrego RV resort provides one of the best Stargazing activities as they are one of the 8 best International Dark Skygazing groups. This Stargazing party includes:

  • Stellar Stargazing in California’s Secret Desert
  • 11 Inch telescope
  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • You are guided by Dennis Mammana, John Mosley and Mack Wesner


Here, check out Stargazing Parties from a few veteran RVers in the video below …

It surely sounds like, even the Sky is not the limit, right? We must add that, stargazing in a desert is one of the most appreciated scenic beauties of all times. For most RVers, the best star watching experience is in the desert because, at night it is truly an endless sea of a million stars!

Here, take a look at how the deserts looks in the night …


In that case, would you like to go for an RV trip through the deserts of America? Well, call all your friends and have a Stargazing party now!


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