HOW TO: Hook Up an RV

HOW TO: Hook Up an RV
Connecting an RV to full hookups at an RV park or campground isn’t too difficult, but if you’ve never done it before, this quick tutorial will get you started. Even if …

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  • So everyone shares the same sewer drain correct ? Its not at each individual site ? Im referring to where ppl actually live in their rvs though. Not the camp sites.

  • I am waiting on my first RV that I have ordered and will get in Nov.
    To learn about all the things that you need to know I've done most of my research on YouTube. And you two have been by far the most informative of all folks I've watched! You do such a great job explaining things clearly and precisely. Even on things that price wise are out of reach such as your new lithium battery system. I don't think my RV will cost as much as what ever that cost! LOL
    Keep it up!
    Jeff J

  • When you got full hook ups, who does it work with both the grey and black water tanks. Sounds a silly question but i am from Europe and have never been in an rv and might never get that chance.

  • I really enjoy it all yours videos very usefull for someone new that will like to go full time, will like to ask you something…how hard
    do you think it is, or how hard do you think it may be for a single person go RVing full time?, meaning driving, hooking a travel
    trailer, etc. thank you

  • With my grandparents on my mom's side summer time campers, I've picked up a few things from them, like with the sewer hose deal, my grandfather has told me that it is a good idea to flush the black water tank first, and then flush the grey water to flush what came out of the black water tank. I'm not sure who exactly told me this, but, I heard that it's a good idea to weigh down the end of the sewer hose that goes into the ground with something in the unlikely chance that when you go to flush your tanks, the end of the hose doesn't kick up and go all over the place. I guess it's pretty good that I've got grandparents that have been camping since the 1970s, the story there is that my grandfather was in the coast guard, but I think he had a job too, and this one time he and his family were going some where's for retreat, I forget where it was, but his boss offered him ( my grandfather) his tent trailer for time being, my grandfather initially denied his boss's offer, but his boss insisted, and he accepted, and both him (again, my grandfather) and my grandmother loved the idea, and they have kept on top of the idea of camping ever since then.

  • Love your videos. I'm a firm believer in sanitizing the water spicket and my water hose but I'll never use Lysol, I'll stick with bleach. I put bleach in a cub submerge the spicket then poured over the handle and pourspout. When I was four years old my next-door neighbor poisoned me with Lysol. The doctor told my mother it was only her quick thinking that save my life that day I remember it vividly, so no Lysol in my house.

  • For a typical RV, when hooking up city water with an adjustable pressure regulator, what's the average safe water pressure in PSI that an RV can handle for camping at a full service RV park?

  • I've looked at numerous videos and my manual (2015 Fleetwood Bounder 34B), and all the videos start with turning off the shore power breakers..but what about the power already on the RV? Assume engine off, generator off? First time RVing and we bought our Fleetwood used so a bit naive on the setup. My plan for our first outing this weekend is to pull into the spot and deploy the slides, level the RV, shut down the engine and Generator, then proceed with the shore power connection as described in this video.

  • This took me forever to learn. I'm glad to see the Lysol idea. I never think about the hose last being used for the black tank. I guess it does help to have a filter though and that bacteria would be filtered out. I also don't drink my water out of the RV faucets. I buy or bring water on board from other resources.

  • I made a handy aid to keep the sewer line in the ground. Take a pair of tube socks and fill one with gravel, then close with a plastic cable tie. Put that into the second sock and repeat with the cable tie. Now you have a cheap sandbag to weigh down the sewer hose so it never comes out accidentally. Conforms to shape and just toss it into the bay with the hose when you're done. I keep my hose in a plastic tub with the sandbag and gloves on top.

  • Thank you so much for putting together a simple video and >showing< what you are talking about. I just bought an RV and am researching some of this stuff

  • Many RV parks also have free WiFi service and Cable TV too, so be sure to ask. Other amenities are normally explained at check in, but I nearly always take the opportunity to om nom nom at their attached restaurant. I am personally not a huge fan of boondocking, as I love being able to fully make use of my radical rig from a hook up. Though I guess to be fair I can accomplish most of the same levels of awesome via my generator too. I have also met some really cool people at RV parks. Just don't join most of the clubs without doing your homework, as they are often ripoff IMO.

    Lots of people use RV's as some sort of political agenda these days. Kids barely out of HS rocking rigs that look one step away from the junkyard. If that is rebellion, so be it I suppose. I honestly don't really care about motives and ideology. More people involved, however, is always cool with me. Having people at the RV park other than retirees to hang out with is bonus too.

  • Thank you for showing newbies amd people who are getting intetested into rv's how to do the simple things.

    I didnt know about half the things you talked about. 3 different amp choices? what?? ha ha ha
    you are giving us alot to think about… a lot to put on our check list and some confidence that.. yeah.. we can do this.

    thank you for that. the black tank flushing video is brilliant…

    you guys are great!! keep the videos commin.. I will be watchin!!! 😉

  • Thank you so much for all this info.  We are very new to RVing.  Just bought a new truck (2014 F150) and are researching trailers.  We plan to buy in the next few months.  There are so many choices and options out there it's mind-boggling.  Is there a simple source on honest reviews and recommendations for quality and "must have" items?

  • thank you so much for these videos…my parents just bought a 31 footer and it's overwhelming.  I've been trying hard to find resources online to help us all learn….thanks again!!

  • New to owning a TT just got a 2013 salem cruise lite 181bhxl water hookups are at the rear of the trailer between the tail lights 1st question
    The connection labeled fresh water has a threaded part for a hose and the city water has a fill hole like the gas tank on the truck are these labels backwords ? I thought city water was from a hose and fresh was from holding tank?

    Also i pressed the little valve/botten inside were the hose threads in and water shot out as i held it when i was pluged into shore power tryed pressing it again after unplugging shore power and it only shot water out for about 15 seconds

    Thanks for the help

  • Your solar video and your reply to my questions a couple of weeks ago gave me the confidence necessary to install my own 15 Watt panel, not for living off grid but simply battery maintenance. Installation was a success and may I say, looks clean and professional. This travel trailer is too new, I think to be having tank sensor issues but it does. My holding tank ( black) is showing 2/3rds full even bone dry. I've resolved this once before through some aggressive flushing and road driven agitation but after sitting for a couple weeks in storage the problem is back! Damn! Would it be advisable to combine your grey water method (liquid dish soap) and your black water method (tons of ice) with an aggressive road trip to clean that sensor? My travel trailer does not have the small Philips screws below the indicator lights that would allow me to calibrate it manually. I could take it back to the dealer, as it is that new but I'm certain, I fear, they would find a way to charge me for something after the fact for something I think should be a warranty issue but somehow, conveniently, ($$$), they say is my fault! I'm not saying I don't trust dealers (lie) but…….

  • The best mouse solution I've heard is to leave a piece of Irish Spring soap in the places the mice get into.  They apparently don't like it at all.  I cut up two bars of soap and haven't seen a mouse in our church kitchen in a year.  But the tip originated from RVing church members.

  • ( 10 minute trips) that is what the P trap and the anti siphon trap vent device is under your sink is for. but you do leave the black tank closed how to eliminate the pyramid effect.