How to Install & Seal an RV Roof Vent, by Dicor

How to Install & Seal an RV Roof Vent, by Dicor
In this RV how to video Mark Polk with RV Education demonstrates how to install and seal an RV roof vent, presented by Dicor as part of Rudy’s RV Care and …

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  1. I have an escape vent on my camper but lid broke and flew off somewhere I measured the vent it measures 16×23 how much bigger do I need to order a cover to fit that measurement

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this video. I had two existing roof vents that were completely cracked. I followed your video to the letter and worked like a champ! This is my first RV, a 5th Wheel, and was kind of nervous working on it. Your videos make things look easy. Probably the most difficult thing about this job was removing the existing sealant. Thanks again!

  3. Just what I needed. Getting ready to penetrate the fiberglass roof to Run Wifi cable. Using a Winegard single wire cover plate to seal the hole. These procedures will work. Thanks for the training. This goes into my RV Training playlist.

  4. Scott, you are missing the point. If you interrupt a 12 volt circuit, as is the case when you disconnect a battery terminal, it creates an open circuit. No voltage can flow through the circuit. In a 12 volt DC circuit with a battery this occurs whenever you disconnect one of the battery cables. The point is it is safer to disconnect the negative lead from the battery than it is to disconnect the positive lead when you are working on the 12 volt system.

  5. When you disconnect the negative battery connection it stops 12 volts from going to all 12 volt devices. The reason you disconnect the negative cable is for safety purposes. If you disconnect the positive cable while the negative cable is still connected to the battery, and your wrench touches any metal it will spark and possibly short something out. The spark can also cause gasses emitted from the battery to explode.

  6. Hey Mark ,
    Instead of the dicor caulk could you use eternabond tape over the screw heads instead? I have some left over and didnt want to spend the money for the caulk. Thanks in advance for the help. JOIE


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