How to keep RV screens CLEAN

Part of every RVers lifestyle is to keep their RV neat and clean all the time, especially the screens. Because clean screens produce more efficient air flow through your windows and will make you breathe better. So how will you obtain that clean-looking screen?


Cleaning with water and soap:

  • When you’re washing your camper see to it that your screens also get their own deep cleaning.
  • You might even have to remove them to get them cleaned thoroughly.
  • Fill in a container with water and soap.
  • Use a soft brush or dishcloth for cleaning the screens.
  •  Scrub every bit of squares on its surface.
  • Rinse well with cold water and repeat if necessary.
  • Using a lint free towel you can wipe off the excess water right after you insert them back on your RV window.
  • You can clean your screens in the shower one screen at a time.

Cleaning without water:

Normally, to meticulously clean your RV screens, you remove them and wash them off with soap and water. But if they are just dusty, a microfiber towel which you can buy at WalMart or in auto stores can do the trick even without water. You will be surprised how it can do wonders to your screen.

Cautiously maintaining your RV screens clean will keep you and your interiors from dirt, dust and other floating or flying thing around. Remember that your camper window screens are your first defense against them.


  1. The fan screens are the main irems most of the times. I use a bed sheet that is going into the laundry to catch the falling debris & use either the lint free cloths or if real bad, as in real dusty areas a damp wash cloth. Keeps the air flowing…


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