How to Maintain your RV Awnings?

Awnings increase the living space, ventilate the interior and protect the exterior of your RV. The major types of RV Awnings are patio awnings, slideout awnings as well as window and door awnings. The two fundamental fabrics used to make RV awnings are Acrylic and Vinyl.

Did you know that an awning can be used for the entire life of the RV? 

According to Curtis Carper,

” considering the cost of replacement for a typical RV awning, you should probably be a bit more diligent in showing it the care it deserves”.

3 Golden Rules of Maintaining your RV Awning are

Stain Removal: Depending on the canvas of your awning and the rate of dampness, RV awning stains can be hard to remove. One tip is to never pack your wet awnings until dry or to dry the awnings within the next 3-4 days of them becoming wet.

Clean: Scrub the RV Awnings with a non-abrasive and oil-free cleaning agent, to increase the lifecycle of your RV awnings. Using a brush with soft bristles to scrub off stubborn stains by cleaning both the sides of the awning is also highly recommended.

Periodic Check:  Awning cleaning should be conducted regularly, at least once a month. If you observe stains or rust on your awnings, make sure to give it an adequate scrub prior to use.

Wondering how to extend the awning life?

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As awning replacements are pricey, it is necessary to keep your RV protected against UV rays, clean against rust and maintained without mildew.

How do you maintain your RV awnings? What type of fabric is your RV awning made of? We’d love to know your DIY RV Awning maintenance techniques. Share it with us in the comments below. 😀

    • Some detailers use bleach, but we prefer not to since it can drip down the side of your awning. Google “Two Beer Method to cleaning RV Awnings”. We just cleaned ours this past weekend using an equal parts mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid and heated up white vinegar. Seemed to work well. We sprayed it on well, rolled it up, let it sit while we drank a beer or longer, then unrolled, scrubbed a little, rinsed top and bottom and side of RV. Smells good too. A lot dripped on us, so would hate to think what our hair would look like with bleach dripped on it.

  • Regardless of how we roll our awning up (dry or wet) it is always damp when we unroll it. Every time it rains, the water wicks up inside the roll. Sometimes when we unroll it the water pours out and we live in a high desert environment. I do find that putting a cheap vinyl rain gutter which slips over the awning roll will protect it from the sun.