How To Maintain Your RV Generator

How To Maintain Your RV Generator
Generators are very useful (and very expensive) – keep your RV generator operating in top condition by exercising it regularly, changing the oil as scheduled, …

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  • Can I run ac while exercising with a full cover over it without damaging ac? Don't think I will, but with all the other bs I've encountered, I need to ask.

  • Good video! It's easy to forget to do everything maintenance related on an RV so I use a great car maintenance program that monitors the maintenance schedule on my RV and sends me reminders when anything needs to be done. It also lets you track hourly so I set up a schedule for my Onan generator too. I have it set it run the generator monthly as you described and change the oil every 150 hours. You can get Automotive Wolf on amazon here

  • The video is great thanks. How long can this generator run while running about a A/C? I know that is only half the load it is rated for but we ran into problems during an extremely hot Badlands trip. 1st day we ran it approximately 3 hours without a problem. 2nd day after 1 and half hours the generator sputtered and died. After cooling down the generator runs perfectly but there is no power inside the coach. Any help?

  • tip#1 most importantly: if you become overwhelmed with the knobs on your generators cover, or find the overall sequence a bit tricky- i advise you to stop immediately

  • Onan recommends running their gensets for two continuous hours under a load every month. We use our MH and genset frequently but the few months we didn't take it on the road I would follow the Onan recommended run time. We had 3600 hours on ours when the starter finally quit on us. No other mechanical issues. Since I had to pull the genset out to replace the starter I went ahead and replaced the whole genset with a new one. And yes. It was $3k.

    Use a sythetic oil in your genset after the break in period. Syn oil does not break down like hydrocarbon oil and it keeps your genset engine mechanicals much cleaner. I believe that made a significant contribution to the longevity of our original genset.

  • I have an 89 Winnebago SuperChief. It has an Onan 4000 Emerald I. I just tuned it up and it runs great with 375 hours. However, it surges with the AC or microwave running. Why is this? I have plenty of gas in the main tank and the idle and mixture screws are perfectly set. Plus, on the lower right hand side of the unit, under the air cleaner is a toggle switch, very similar to a light switch with the words ON and OFF. What is that for? David

  • Hey tks for the tips on the generator, but I was wondering how many gallons does the gen. use per hr. cause it runs from you fuel tank, don't want to run out , newbie Terry

  • My generator has 180 hours on 2014 motorhome V10 ford
    I didn't replace the generator oil at all.
    I was driving off roading while the generator is on and all of a sudden it went off by itself
    I pulled over and I tried to started again and it didn't start all what you can hear is one clicking sound and nothing after it .
    So I opened the generator to start it manually
    I kept holding on the start button for six seconds and I can hear a small clicking sound then I released The button and I so I smoke coming out from the generator and the smells weird different
    I live in a country that they don't have a lot of motorhome or service please give me a hand in
    Thanks a lot for the video I like it

  • I've seen some RV's use two batteries to star their generator. My question was….. is it better to use two in parallel or it's fine just one to star a 4000watt generator ??

  • Thanks! I'm now a full time RV'er and bought my Minnie W used.  The previous owner said the Generator had just been serviced.  I have not used it much, but thanks for the tips.  I will check the oil tomorrow and probably run it 2 hours everyday for afternoon naps.  I just bought me a converter to convert the 12V power to DC power so I can watch TV without running the generator.  It's nice to watch TV without the noise 🙂

  • Hi – There isn't, but a sticky note on the control panel would work, although my wife is very unlikely to start the generator without saying something to me first. When we don't have power we plan generator usage so we can get everything charged without having to run the genny several times a day.

  • Is there a way to lockout the generator start button inside the coach?

    Might be bad for you to be under your generator draining the oil and the wife decides to start it on you.

  • You're absolutely right about the fuel filter – and air filter too for that matter. I didn't include them only because I haven't had to change either yet, but will show how to change both in a future video. Thanks for your comment!