How To Replace Deep Cycle RV "House" Batteries

How To Replace Deep Cycle RV "House" Batteries
RVing in the boondocks is a lot easier when your batteries are in good shape. Whether you have 12-volt, 6-volt golf cart batteries, or AGMs, here’s how to …

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  • Hi guys. A question. I just want to replace the one lead acid coach battery with a new one. Can I just take out the old battery and put a new lithium battery? Do I need anything else? Will the alternator on my MH be able to charge it? I hope you see this and have the time to answer. Thanks

  • Gents as always thanks for the video. I just replaced the 2 12V AGMs that came with our new Dynamax Isata with 4 LifeLine 6V's. Your tips and cautions very useful. The kids are getting the 12V's for their tow behind.

  • This is Mark. With the help of your video and its battery and cable organization tips, I did battery and cable cleanup and replaced the main house battery positive cable which would have given out soon. All was done with No issues at startup on my 2000 Alpine Limited Edition DP. Thanks a bunch and yours is the only RV site I need to use.

  • A Simple and clean tutorial; but what if you lack a previous image? I have a 97 Yellowstone that previously used 3 battery's- my father since removed them several years ago, and I have no idea how to properly re-connect them. any ideas?

  • Great information. I just ordered Lifeline replacement batteries for my Jayco Seneca.  Love all your videos. Thank you for passing on your knowledge .

  • Thanks so much for your informative videos! They are a great source of information and can save many $ for those of us who are retired and simply cannot afford to pay every time something needs to be repaired or fixed on our RVs! Again, thanks guys!!

  • sorry for being stupid but , do you mean the one that goes to neg -and pos to connect battery's , i wish there was a way to send you a picture , of my battery bank , most of the wires are all black , not kidding , one red wire goes to the main rv battery , then theirs many small wires , white in color , am sorry , i believe , to small ( thin ) white wires , and two red thin wires , i have no idea what there for , the solar system i believe , anyway its very confusing , not joking , that's why the wires touched , because there's sooo many of then , in a real small space

  • how do you take the battery's out , with out the wires hitting each other , i tried to take out the battery's out and almost stared a fire , because the wires our so close together , they touched , scared me to death . is there any thing out there that can cover the wires , so they don't spark . i have a 1999 tropical . the battery's are under the stairs

  • I hope you still read these comments.  I am not mechanically incline. I watched you video twice, took out my batteries, put the new ones in and was done.  I went back to double check what I might have forgotten.  Just one thing, I did not take the tags off.  While doing this project, I messed up on a couple of wires but by checking and double checking the tags, also by relooking at the picture, it was perfect.  Much easier to put them back then take them off.  You guys did me a great service. Thank you

  • Another great tutorial video! I will replace this way when the time comes for me to swap out my batteries. My Tiffin coach is only 2 years old so I should be good for at least a couple more years 🙂

  • Love your videos guys, they really are helpful and you really provide a great service on this channel! I have a small 17' Hybrid camper, and want to replace my lead acid battery with an AGM battery. I was wondering if it was worth the extra expense for a single house battery on smaller camper like mine. I do a lot of boon-docking, and have an 80 watt suitcase solar panel. Any advice you guys could give me would be great. Us little camper folks need some help every once in awhile too, even though we have a lot less buttons to push on our rigs ! <g>

  • +RVgeeks I replaced both chassie and my house batteries after they sat for a year with out use. 2 batteries for starting are fine and fired the 425 HP Cummins up with no issue. Problem is with my house batteries. Before replacing them I tried to jump and charge them and had some power inside RV. They just were old and didn't stay charged. The new batties are two 6v Duracell the old were 6v Alliance batteries. I did take a picture of how they were wired and put them back the same way. My issues is no power inside at all and inverter and converters are not working. The only thing I can think of is when wiring in a series I thought it was neg. to neg. so the batteries are set in with the neg. out and pos in back. I can't tell from the pic I took if this is how the battries were before. Should I reverce one batt and hook pos. to neg. to make it correct? or is it correct now and something else is wrong? Any help would be great. If you need to see pics just reply to my email and I can send them.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Guys,…….I cannot tell you how many times you have produced a video that is so thorough and crystal clear that I will have absolutely no excuses for not doing it myself. I will be full timing starting in August of 2017 and hope you are still at it.

  • Fantastic. My wife and I have bought our first trailer. That being said.. I am interested in learning more. Thank you so much for all that you do and have done. That being said.. I am ignorant on many details on batteries. I understand AH or capacity/duration, but what exactly is RC? Does a higher RC value give more cycles through the battery or usable capacity? I am sure I asked the question wrong.. but thank you in advance.

  • okay so I just bought my coach about a month ago (used 2004 Newmar DS) and it has wet batteries. For the first attempt at maintaining by adding distilled water – I messed up. I thought I was told to fill each cell till full. So yep, thats what I did. Wrong. 🙁

    So I'm waiting for them to boil down, knowing that I'm also loosing electrolyte. I'm planning on a baking soda bath in a day or so for the batteries and tray they sit on, plus anything else it touched/dripped on.

    The batteries are old and should be replaced anyways, so I'm taking this as a learning opportunity to educate myself on batteries. I'd like to get 4 AGM batteries and had been looking at the BatteryStuff website. I'm not sure which model you guys bought of the Lifeline battery – do you show that somewhere? I also want to replace the 2 Chassis batteries at same time, wondering which you bought as well. Thanks for your info! Much appreciate it … Oh BTW – I think I"ll pass on doing my own installation, you make it look easy but I'm not that excited about messign with it all. OH! If you have any suggestions for cleaning up the battery tray and lube the rollers that would be terrific! Thanks in advance.

  • I love your videos!!! This one was excellent. I have to do this and worried so much about getting a shock and safety issues. Very well explained, clear, concise, and good tips. Very much appreciated guys!!!

  • Hi Guys, Another great video. With the addition of the solar panels on your roof, have you stayed with the 4 AGM house batteries or perhaps upped it to 6 ? I noticed in the 08 Mountain Aire 4121 we just purchased, there were solar panels on the roof (removed before they traded I guess), and small compartment just to the right of my battery compartment has two custom shelves with holes that would appear to accommodate large gauge wire size and there are a couple holes cut between the battery compartment and this little one to the right of it. My guess is, they re-wired for 6 house batteries when they had the solar on the roof. So curios if you had done that and increased your amp hour storage pool? I hope to add 4-6 solar panels on the roof, but may not try to do it until we settle in and live in it a while to see how much we actually dry camp. Thanks again for another quality production! Don