How to Safely Tow a Trailer

Towing a trailer for the first time is intimidating. Anyone who tries to tell you differently has forgotten his first hours towing a trailer when his heart seemed to stay in the throat and sweaty palms made it impossible to grip the steering wheel any tighter.
Like any new experience that involves risks to body and property, there’s a certain fear factor that comes with attaching trailer hitch to tow ball. But such anxiety disappears quickly after one understands the basics of towing and gains a little experience. The key is to focus on how your own tow vehicle and trailer react as a package–and making changes in your driving style and habits accordingly.

Do you have any other tips for towing a trailer? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Nice, but tell what the moron is doing in the left hand lane with no one to pass at the end of the video ? Why is it so hard to understand the purpose of the passing lane

  2. I think the image may be flipped (left-right transposed) as the trailer is in the outer lane (farthest from the median), the breakdown lane is to the left of travel, and direction of travel is to the left of the median. Also, the trailer has no door I could see on the curbside, which would be unusual. I agree with you on your point but I disagree on who the moron is in this case if indeed the image is flipped in an instructional video.

  3. As a “hope to be an RV owner soon”, does the front weight at 60% mean there needs to be a certain weight of the actual hitch? Or is this combined with making sure there is enough weight to the tow vehicle?