How to Save Water While RVing

When you’re in a cozy brick and mortar home, showering with gallons of water is never an issue. However, when you’re an RVer, the rate of conservation of water decides how long you can boondock comfortably in one place.

032c6-save-water-while-rvingAs an RV can have fresh water tanks that weigh 3 gallons or even up to 260 gallons, it is difficult to generalize one water tank that fits all RVers.

Save Water While RVing

According to Technomadia,

“Obviously, 38.5 gallons of fresh water is not a huge amount either. When I lived in a traditional house, it was quite likely I used this much water for a single shower. For someone going to an off-grid event like Burning Man, they may do the math and say – wow, that’s 19 days worth of water! No problem”.

If you are not planning to buy bigger water tanks, learning how to conserve water is the ideal way to cope with water shortage.

The best place to start conserving water in your RV is in the bathroom.

The below video from RVTravel will help you understand how to Save Water While RVing

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Our best tips to conserve water in an RV are

  • Slow Dribble Use: Do not twist open a tap to its full throttle as this leads to overflowing and subsequent waste of water.
  • Bird Bath: Having a sponge bath instead of showering is an ingenious conservation of water if you reduce the frequency of your showers too.
  • Reusable Plastic Ice cubes: These do not dilute in your drink and are reusable as it does not waste water.
  • Repair your water leaks ASAP: Whenever you notice a water leak or dribble from your pipelines, repair or close the water tap tightly or repair it immediately!
  • Bowl-in-a-Sink Dish Washing: Keep two bowl filled with water, in your sink. Wash your dishes by cleaning them in one bowl (dissolved in cleaning liquid) and rinsing in the other.

Another smart way to conserve water while washing your dishes is by using paper towels to clean the debris off the plates before dumping them in the dishwasher.

How many days can you boondock without refilling your fresh water tanks? Share with us your exclusively smart ways to save water while RVing. 😀


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