How To Save Your RV From Ants

Have you heard that Ants are amazing Scouts? Zoom around, perhaps one of ’em is watching you right now!!! :mrgreen:

Ants inspect food in their vicinity by sending out their special scouts who first investigate the entire area individually. On finding food, the scout then, secretes a hormone called pheromones. This acts as a landmark for the food while the scout goes back to his hill and calls gets backup!

They are incredibly organized, folks!


When you are RVing in the wild, you will definitely find wilder ants scouting in and around your RV. Ant Invasion is certainly an unwelcome surprise, but what can you do next?
According to RV Dream’s New Radio, when you spot a scout, squish him ASAP. And, if unfortunately you never catch the scout and chance upon the Ant troop parading with the Queen Ant into your RV, it’s time you braced up for some serious action, folks!

Ants Bait Station

In fact, getting rid of ants is not a big issue once you have spotted them, Red Riding Hoods! Pamela Hamilton, one can easily get rid of ants by using Raid Max Bug Barrier Barricade around the RV. 😀

Here’s some SUPER EASY natural remedies for removing Ants:

  1. Mix Boric Acid with sugar and sprinkle on the ants or around the RV (Please take care to avoid contact with the solution as it can damage your skin voraciously).
  2. Place water filled dishes under the legs of your picnic table and possible areas where you suspect that ants can climb up.
  3. Always be on the Lookout!

If that doesn’t solve your problem, listen to the clip of tips from a certified RV technician, Chris Dougherty on getting rid of ants:

If you want to follow Chris’s success, first locate the source of ants and do as he says! Sounds easy, right? Well, go ahead and try it right away! 😀

An ant invasion is truly scary and stressful even though it is inevitable when in the wild. Share this amazing advice with all your friends with RV NOW! Tell us your own personal serendipities on how you got rid of ants from your RV in the comments below.

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  1. Obviously not a good idea to leave the bowl of water by table legs with boric acid if you have pets. Even if you use Boric powder, it smells and hangs out awhile, most rv parks probably don’t want that. Which leads us back to typical bait traps indoors and spray around your jacks and tires, or areas they can climb up. Hope there are other ideas out there???

    • You don’t need to put anything in the water as ants will not cross water. We had a problem with ants getting in our humming bird feeders and attached a bowl to the top, put water in it and watched the ants go mad and finally give up.

  2. Only problem ever really had. Was in the hills of PA. I spray, I done everything, here they were coming in a line a cross the tv cable to get in.

  3. I’ve killed approx 10 ants inside my camper in the past couple weeks
    I bought this new to me unit last fall and only started using it now
    I’m worried that the ants have been living in the foam insulation now as well after hearing this cause when I start the fan it snows white insulation foam in the back bunk room and this is the area I’ve seen more ants
    Omg what a discouraging thought
    I need to get back there and go on the attack with spray and traps I guess.
    Any suggestions on how to get the vents treated as well anyone? 😞

  4. Try diotomacious earth, food grade only. It is amazing at killing and repelling bugs. Amazon has the best prices. Again make sure its good grade not what it used in pools.

  5. An exterminator told me to use Avon Skin-so-soft spray. It kills the ant scout and its scent trail. Plus it’s completely safe.

  6. Put a band of petroleum jelly about 1 inch wide around any wires and jacks. In dry weather you can draw chalk circles around potential entry points. Ants hate both Vaseline and chalk.

  7. We had an ant problem and I bought ant traps that take the poison back to their home, supposedly killing all in the nest. Knock on wood I believe we succeeded. Now I keep fresh ant traps around just in case we miss one or two. I also have mouse bait in each section “just in case”! The bait is sealed in a plastic case where they can go eat the bait and then die. Now if there was a way to keep out stink bugs!

  8. 20 Mule Team Borex powder in clothes washing section of a store…cheap…sprinkle around any part of your RV that touches the ground…ants hate it & animals do as well…it is a win win! If it rains you need to retreat but quick,easy & effective! We are fulltimers & I’ve yet to have an ant attack or even seen one inside at all!! 😉

  9. Vicks vapor rub around window sills and doors. Ants won’t cross it. Works wonders on my clothes line at home. Put a dab on each end, the ants won’t cross it.

  10. The best thing we’ve ever tried was Ajax powder. Just sprinkle some around any point on your RV that touches the ground and ants will not cross it. Last year I sprinkled some around a fire ant nest entrance and the fire ants immediately abandoned that hole. This really works!