How To Tidy Your RV In 10 Minutes

When your home is on wheels, spring is not the only time you need to tidy up your big rig. With organization, right tools, and orderly actions, it is easy to clean an RV super fast every couple of days! So take a look at these expert tips to Tidy Your RV in 10 minutes.

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Crew at Your RV Lifestyle talks about easy ways to clean your RV

  • 1. WASH YOUR RV or MOTORHOME in the morning or evening to avoid water spots.
  • 2. EARTH FRIENDLY TOOLS TO CLEAN YOUR RV. Wash your RV or motorhome without leaving swirl marks by using a soft cotton wash pad or even softer Lambswool pad.
  • 3. DRY QUICKLY TO PREVENT WATER SPOTS. To dry an RV fast enough to prevent water spots means leaving the ladders behind.

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Do It Yourself RV on ways to Clean your RV fast

  • Slip a wool wash mitt over the head of your wash brush for a simple and cheap way to avoid scratches while washing.Tie a rope across the top of your ladder above the roof line.
  • Then lift hose up across the rope so that you can lower and pull the hose without worrying about damaging the side of the RV.
  • Zip tie a rag to your brush pole a few feet from the head so that the rag hangs loose toward the head.

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Tidying up an RV is not a 10-minute task, but if you follow order and cleanliness every day when indoors, cleaning will not be daunting.  The most important thing to remember when you need to do an emergency clean-up of the RV is to separate every item as Clean and Unclean first.