How To Tip: EASY Way to Clean a Dirty RV Roof

How To Tip: EASY Way to Clean a Dirty RV Roof
A clean RV exterior starts with a clean RV roof. Keep your RV roof clean and you’ll help keep your RV looking great year after year. Algae, moss and tree pollen …

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  • Like some of the other comments even though your roof looks very clean, I would be nervous to use a pressure washer on it. The same goes for Harleys.

  • As said below………..never use that much pressure on an RV and especially the rubber membrane roof! Use the power washers "wash" tip always.

  • From your t-shirt and the green gunk on you RV looks like your from the North West. I have a Hood to Coast shirt and hat and the same problem with the RV. I don’t cover it cause we use it all winter. The only thing I do different is I spray the roof with Simple Green first then use a boat brush on it then the power washer. Same routine for the rest of the rig. Stay dry.

  • Hi, When i wash my RV, Β I first use Gel-Gloss RV Cleaner & Polish Cream to wash my roof & RV. (Because it has very good stain removing properties) Then wash it a second time using Gel-Gloss Heavy duty RV wash. Then I apply Gel-Gloss Cleaner & Polish Cream, let it dry on, then hand of machine buff it off. Β It leaves the Fiberglass/Paint smooth & bright.

  • Nice instructive video Brian! I was wondering if you have ever put any kind of sealer on your roof after cleaning it? I'm going to clean my roof as you suggested and then I'm going to seal all the seams with the Eternabond tape, but I'm wondering if I should also put some kind of sealer on the other areas of the roof. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

  • I would respectfully tell you that I'd NEVER use a pressure washer on my rig. Pressurized water has a way of getting into cracks and crevices and will exploit every one it can find. It will lift caulking away from surfaces that you can't readily see while you're washing and blast its way under seals. Any water intrusion into where water isn't supposed to be is always bad. A boat brush, water, small amount of bleach, TSP, Oxiclean, a squirt of Dawn dish soap as a surfactant and liberal elbow grease, you're good to go. Sure its not as easy but be kind to your roof.

  • use simple house hold bleach in waster wash, will keep moss away around windows etc, rubber and over winter first wash is a bleach wash, or a good spray with bleach over night then the wash off next day, simple no cost, use it on my motor home for years and garden paths when moss grown on the path and makes it slippery as ice

  • Brian have you ever had to change a tire on your RV front are back? And what about a spare tire do you have one on your rig
    Thanks. Rick (newbie)