How We Pick Our RV Travel Routes

Bernie and Susan share the criteria that they use to pick routes to travel with their truck and fifth wheel RV.

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  • In addition to this video, here's some more information (largely covered in some of our other videos) that we didn't emphasize in this video which might help those who are new to our channel: Our "criteria" for picking routes is extremely simple to us. This comes so easily. It's all about what direction we wish to go, then we use our criteria (all or in part, depending on goal/circumstances) to choose a route. We do NOT set out to use trucking routes or a GPS or atlas for truckers. There are several routes that we've taken that are not for truckers, but have been absolutely wonderful for us (e.g. small roads that leave an Interstate and head down a scenic road to the Coastline). We do a lot of our travel based on the "journey" rather than point A to point B. We use Bing to search for parks, campgrounds, and boondocking locations (which leads to specific resources which vary). We also use personal information from friends and professionals (in pertinent professions) for tips. We've found the Waze app to be good for road obsticals and alerts. We sometimes use Google Maps, but find it to be quite lacking for our particular travel needs/desires. Simple searches have given us nearly all of the information that we've needed for finding fuel and such. [Please see our other videos about apps and travel tips.] This video is merely OUR method/criteria. We don't do it like most, so we figure that most will not do it like us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy travels.

  • Thank you. I've driven all 48 & Canada in a semi truck, but some routes were off limits for trucks. Your suggestions for RV's are very helpful. Be blessed & take care.

  • My goodness, thank you soooo much for this video. I'll be heading out on the road full time in a few months (God Willing), and a lot of times I feel overwhelmed as to how to plan a route and people say just go. I feel that I can't just go, I want to be smart about it but didn't have a clue how to plan a route. I have never camped much less stepped foot in an RV. Since needless to say I feel the butterflies in my stomach.

  • My girlfriend and I were talking about this exact topic while camping locally this past week.
    We plan to fulltime within the next couple years God willing…..
    As usual another outstanding video that is pertenant and informative….and many of the comments are extremely insightful as well ….the OTR trucker for instance…thanks again !!

  • This is a very helpful video, thank you. We are not full timers but weโ€™re wrapping up our nearly 2 month trip from the Houston, Texas area to the Seattle area, heading back home tomorrow. The trip home is definitely a point a to point b trip, while the trip up here was a meandering, sightseeing wonder. Itโ€™s all been grand!! We totally agree, though, the roads that twist and turn with mountain on one side and cliff on the other are just NOT our favorite at all. There certainly was a bit of a learning โ€œcurveโ€ – pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Thanks again, we thoroughly enjoy your channel.

  • Do you have any resources that you use to learn about "road conditions"…specifically if the road is in bad shape (rough to travel on) ? We traveled once on I-10 east through Louisiana and the freeway was in horrible shape!

  • Good Video. Since Iโ€™m a retired OTR Truck Driver. I use a Truckers Atlas. Has all low overpasses and separates great, good and bad roads. We do have a GPS, I use to monitor my speed and itโ€™s nice when we get close itโ€™s gives us a heads up on up coming turns. Your right about asking others about certain Routes. Travel Safe Guys…

  • My wife and I argue over the route sometimes. I'm a point-to-point kinda guy while she likes the more scenic routes. I tell her that is because she isn't the one driving and my eyes are one the road, not the scenery around it. I have gotten better at not being rushed to get to a destination but when you have worked 47 yrs of your life with only vacation time free, it's a hard habit to break. One way we have adjusted it by shortening the s=driving time to 4-5 hrs, not 8-10.