How We Roll in our RV: Leaving A dog Alone in an RV

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  1. Although you can't really run your AC off of battery, you might want to install a Fantastic Vent or similar unit, set to exhaust air from the RV or trailer. Leave one window open near where the dog likes to hang out, so there will be a constant inrush of air and leave the vehicle or RV in the shade (trees or the side of a building away from the sun) if possible with lots of water. Woof.

  2. Its quite simple really…. Before leaving the dog in the RV ask yourself a simple question: if the power was to fail and the AC went off, how long would you personally be able to hang out in the RV before it gets too hot? And that answer is the max time you should leave your dog unattended for in the RV.

  3. Florida is one state that if a dog is left alone in a car, the owner will get a ticket. Car heat up to over 300' almost immediately. People passing by will call the police and report a dog left alone in the car. I have my pet registered as a Emotional Support Animal and she is allowed in accordance to two federal laws to go with me inside groceries, restaurants, etc.. I am sure other states that get hot like FL have strict laws as well. The new vans have a system that will keep the AC going while you are out
    shopping or dining and the dog is left alone inside the van nice and cool.

  4. so basically that's a no, that's disappointing because I want to live in a RV/motor home but I want to have a few dogs with me, and I'm not a fan of living in cold weather places because I'm prone to s.a.d and vitamin d deficiencies

  5. Is leaving a dog alone in an RV really an issue now? People have been doing it for a very long time and I've never heard of any problems. My Great Pyrenees remains in the trailer, at the campground, whenever he can't be taken with us. Doubt anyone could describe him as anything but very healthy.

  6. I actually made a cool bed for mine. She lays on it as it passed chilled water through built-in lines in the fabric. Same thing NASCAR driver wear under their suites. I built it my self and she knows what it's for. Combine that with cracked windows and the fantastic fan. It's always 65 degrees on her cool mate.

  7. While your responses/answers/comments were all very appropriate (IMO), I would've loved a bit longer, more in-depth video on this topic.  It seems to be a very tricky one for pet owners.  

    Do you carry x-pens or just have the dog on leash 24/7 when sitting and chilling out next to the RV.   Darned x-pen transport are an issue in themselves.

  8. I know this may offend some people, but I would not choose to take a dog if I was making the decision,  now. Yes, I have a dog and sometimes he is a pleasure. More often,  he is not. We are talking about a fairly well behaved dog, here. There's no sleeping in because the dog needs out. Cold, rain, or wind, he has to be walked. A lot of places we want to go don't allow dogs, so it's either come home before we wnt to leave to let him out or find a good boarding kennel. We have missed a number of outings because there was no boarding kennel we could use. He does bark at people. He has nervous stomach isues when we are on the move.

    No, even tho I like dogs and have always had them, I would not choose to take one in an RV.

  9. I have a big back yard and my dogs (German Shepard & Dachshund Mix) have plenty of room to roam. However since my husband passed last year I have an overwhelming desire to go RV'ing with my 2 dogs. First I'm kinda scared and second I worry about if my dogs will be happy. Also, I think I have watch a million video's and still can't decide what vehicle to buy. I love my 1999 Ford 150 but it is terrible on gas. Thanks for all your video's!


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