Instant Pot Recipes & Healthy Cooking Living in a Van

Instant Pot Recipes & Healthy Cooking Living in a Van
See what it’s like to cook in a small kitchen, prepare healthy meals, and Kait shares one of her Instant Pot recipes. Watch Episode 39: …

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  • Just started watching your channel! You guys are adorable together! It really doesn't look like a show, I find that refreshing. I'm 50, and happily single with my dog Hank. Lol I think I've given up on finding the perfect mate! Ha! Looking forward to more videos.
    Take care, from Ottawa, Canada!
    Tiina 😊

  • I just bought an instant pot yesterday. I heard that the pressure cooker keeps the nutrients in the food better. I appreciate showing making healthy meals and how you use your instant pot.

  • I cook like 3 times a day and I work 🙂 Can't really eat outside, I somehow don't like the taste of the food that I eat outside 🙂

  • Hey! What size instant pot do you use? I have a 6 quart and wonder if it will be too large when we get our van one day ( as soon as possible). I know a lot of people use the 3 quart size, but I don’t know if that’s big enough for us!

  • Andrew Zimmern found a $20,000.00 coffee pot in Oregon that was supposed to put 20 pounds per square inch on the regular coffee and make it taste very good like expensive coffee

  • Just curious…do you find that cooking odors hang around in the van, or do they disperse quickly? I love spicy, garlicky food – but would be worried that my van-to-be might smell like a deli all the time!

  • Your camping can openers army name is called a "P38" back in the day in the late 70s and before the soldiers each had one to open thier "C" rations. Making me hungry now, I have to go find some food to throw into our instant pot. I should be watching my diet as well, I even did for a while. Now, I still try to stay away from processed foods but I don't really watch my portions. Safe Travels

  • Love Korean soups and stews and love my 3-qt Instant Pot and it does a great job poaching a small chicken or two cornish hens – just set the pressure to medium and the timer to "0" and natural release. Use the slow cook function to make ghee.

  • Feasting once a day only (intermittent fasting) is also a very efficient and healthy van-life decision. I see some van-lifers actually gain weight and get health issues – maybe because they eat less healthy due to limited space.