Is RV Camping Still Relevant in the 21st Century?

It is an inescapable fact of life that time changes all things. Nothing is permanent, and the world is constantly changing and evolving around us. Even the world of camping is not insulated from this universal truth. As time goes by and technology continues to develop, there may be a concern that camping will be left somewhere in the past. After all, with a whole world of information available at just the touch of a screen, who has time for camping?

Technology and the Outdoors Don't Have to Be Enemies
Technology and the Outdoors Don’t Have to Be Enemies

Well, plenty of people, that’s who. Although camping might be a decidedly low-tech activity, that doesn’t mean it is in danger of extinction any time soon. In fact, the argument could be make that camping stands to become even more popular in the digital age. As more and more people spend their working days in front of a screen, the call of the outdoors only gets louder and louder. There is no replacement for fresh air and beautiful scenery, and there is no app that can substitute for the quality time that you can spend with friends and family around the campfire.

One of the important developments in the RV world over recent years is the integration of new technology into the RV’s themselves. It would be a mistake for the camping industry to simply ignore all of the great new technology that is available today – so they have embraced it instead. You don’t have to completely unplug from your modern life in order to enjoy a camping trip because many RV’s have brought those two worlds together for you. As technology continues to develop, it is a safe bet that even more advanced systems and features will be included in future models of trailers and motorhomes.

Great for People of All Ages

Many people think of camping as a great activity for kids because it keeps them busy and teaches them about nature. While camping certainly is great for kids, it might even be more important for adults. As we age, most of us start to spend more and more time indoors – both at home, and at the office. This is not necessarily a good trend for our overall health. Camping is a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, connect with your family, and simply slow down from the hectic pace of 21st Century life. If you are feeling like your life never gives you a chance to take a deep breath and appreciate the world, an RV camping trip might be the perfect remedy.

The world is going to continue to change, and camping is going to keep changing as well – and that’s okay. Camping doesn’t have to remain exactly as it was when you were a kid in order to be valuable and enjoyable. In fact, it is best to embrace change and take advantage of everything that technology makes possible. Regardless of what new technologies come to market in the future, you can safely expect RV camping to be around for a long, long time.