Is Your RV Sagging in the Front? We’ve Got the Perfect Solution For You!

RV Sagging in the Front occurs due to the age and seasonal damages in your motorhome. Typically, an RV Sagging in the Front refers to the slumping of the roof and stairs in your rig. The condition is worsened if you have leaks or broken frames, which can cause dampness and subsequent corrosion.

dd5ae-rv-diy-fixesSo, we have compiled Two Perfect Fixes:

How to Fix the Sagging on your RV Roof

RV Sagging in the Front

The RV Roof is composed of  three metal ribs, which is fixed behind the seams of your ceiling. Often, the sagging roof is also expedited by undue heat, malfunctions or water collection owing to heavy rain.  Dealing with a sagging RV roof is not easy and hence, much care should be taken while doing so.

Albeit here is an efficient DIY solution that saves huge money on fixing your sagging RV roof!

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Are your RV slideouts sagging? 

One troubleshooting method to fix the sagging slideouts are

  • Remove: Unbolt the RV steps by unscrewing its bolts.
  • Check: Inspect every inch (especially the underside) of the RV slideout for tears and broken parts.
  • Repair: Your slideouts in the RV is made up of two heavy duty metal brackets welded onto the I-shaped base frame. Scrutinize each part to find the root of the sagging.
  • Cross-check: Examine the slideout for broke metals, obstructions and rust.

If not, here is a video on how to fix sagging stairs

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If you have a fifth wheel, the drooping on the nose-end of your RV can be due to the misalignment of the trailer when towed. If the above DIY methods don’t work, delay no time in seeking professional repair services.

Have you ever repaired the front of your Sagging RV? Share your tips with us and help other RVers too! 😀