Jeff and Chuck Dutch Oven Cooking

Jeff and Chuck Dutch Oven Cooking
Camp cooking with Jeff Drake and Chuck Dennis.

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Tyler Pettey

  • Hey guys. Great video,Lots of good eating. Thanks for sharing. NEW SUB #7.  We believe in supporting our Fellow YouTube Community so absolutely count on our support. I extend an invitation for you to visit us. Lets support each other. We wish you lots of great luck. Happy Holidays.

  • You all know how to cook real good and the wives probably would have wanted to be with you all as you prepared the meal. That food is looking great and I have to put my dutch ovens to work now.

  • Love this!! You’ve shown the amazing versatility of the dutch oven and how to bring indoor recipes outside. Your timing of cooking the food was spot on and looks so good. Love the pinky out when you’re grinding the pepper. Lol

  • I liked the bacon🥓 under the corn bread. The jalapeños are hot when using 1/2 cup and mild using 1/4 per cup of dry corn bread ingredients. 🌽🍞

    Want to go camping and make ribs. Unfortunately, not many big eaters. Using a 12" Dutch oven. Expect to make popcorn🍿 maybe fruit🍒 cobbler, and biscuits. Pizza🍕 may also happen.

  • I enjoyed everything about this, a couple of friends doing something together, cooking some good food and even the wife smiling proudly in the background. I bet this was a feast! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cast iron cooking is great. I use hardwood lump charcoal only. It last 2-3 times as long as briquettes and burns hotter. My Camp Chef cooking table works like a champ.he

  • As a dutch girl I watched a lot of american video’s on dutch oven cooking (‘cause I’m planning to buy one too) and you guys are the only ones that actually make a very attractive meal, I’d love to cook. Fresh ingredients and attractive to taste…I almost wanted to take a seat in one of the chairs behind you to have dinner with you. Tanks for this video!!

  • Wow just a question in your pissing comp who won did the big fella kill and cook the father in law ,how did he taste did you take off his utility belt or like fish remove the sharps latter , why use three bags of coal when there’s a huge load of firewood in back shot , the woman in the back ground in red is priceless watching laughing and when she reads this nodding keep up the good work and we’ll see the winner next week my money is on the young bloke