6 Ways to Keep Bugs Off Your RV And Its Windshield

Bugs, residues and other ‘stuff’ on the windshield can dig into the paint of your RV and leave ghastly marks after.
So how do you keep yourself and the RV safe from bugs?

The first step to removing bugs from your RV is making your RV bug-proof. According to Tom Kaiser,

“The first step is to think like a bug and look for ways they may be entering your vehicle. Is there light streaming in around the edges of your screen door? Are all of your window and vent screens in perfect condition? Don’t forget the over-the-stove vent as well.

As the acid in the bugs (Dead or alive) can result in the chipping off of the paint on your RV, one must take due care to periodically check for bug residues!

Some best ways to clean your RV’s Windshield of bug residues are: 

Keep Bugs Off RV Windshield
Keep Bugs Off RV Windshield
  1. Remember, postponement is poison in case of your RV Windshields, so if you see a bug dead on your windshield, clean it with water NOW!
  2. Use formulas like Meguire Spray Wax/ Cleaner and Invisiglass on the Windshield
  3. Use Dryer Sheets made specially to clean windshields to remove Bugs and its residues
  4. Use Bug Zapper Electric Bats to kill bugs
  5. Spray your RV’s exterior with nonstick cooking spray.
  6. Locate and Close the pathways through which the bugs enter your vehicle.

Clean your RV windshields periodically to make it last!

Here, check out a video from expert- Wash Wax, on how to Remove Bugs Off your RV 

Check out more informative videos of Wash Wax here.

How do you Keep Bugs Off your RV and its windshield? Tell us in the comments below. 😀