Kitchen or Camp Recipes Lumpia

Kitchen or Camp Recipes Lumpia
A recipe suitable for home or camping. I learned this recipe at the Pathfinder Gathering. So thank you to Mrs Baxter!! the recipe is: 1 lb. of ground Pork 2 Tbsps.

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  • My Filipina wife cooked some this morning for her co-workers. She makes the larger ones… uses diced garlic instead of the garlic paste. She also adds diced carrots and bean sprouts. Ken

  • Hap-E New Year Brian & Family; This will be made as soon as we gather up all the items needed. Thanks 4 sharing the recipe with us here, Friend.     ATB  Terry      God  Bless

  • Love the stuff…Our recipe has a few more ingredients along with some pancit on the side, but it is a personal preference. You should try balut hehehe. Salamat maayung video.

  • Awesome video, sir. Lumpia with Pandora noodles are awesome. One tip: Placing the handle (tip) of a wooden spoon into the oil to check for temperature. If it's ready, the wood will bubble up. It's much safer than even the smallest drop of water.