Life of a Cat in a RV!

Life of a Cat in a RV!
Clips of my cat’s day in the in the 22ft trailer…only watch if you like cats!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • So cute when they play or want your full attention like laying on your table while you're trying to work or read the paper.ย  They're wonderful pets. My Tuxie will be 19 yrs old next month.ย  He doesn't play much anymore but he still loves to be scratched and petted.ย  Oh and he loves to lay in my lap or on my side when I'm napping on the couch.ย  Enjoy your cat for as long as you can.ย  What's his name?

  • How do you travel with Harley? I assume he is in the car with you, but do you have him in a carrier or loose in the car?
    I'm going on the road full time with a Travel Trailer in a couple of months and want very much to take my cat. Your videos are encouraging. Thanks,