Lifetime, leak-free maintenance-free RV roof: Guaranteed!

Lifetime, leak-free maintenance-free RV roof: Guaranteed!
RV Armor, a five-year-old company, promises RVers a leak proof, maintenance free RV roof for the life of their RV, guaranteed. In this interview by …

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  • Hello, I just finished my roof with Henry's Tropical Cool 887 100% silicone. I bought a 4.75 gallon from Home Depot for 209.00 plus tax. I completed the job in less then 6 hours. Take a look at the completed job! Looks great. I only used 3 gallons and still have 1.75 gallons left. I will roll out a second coat this summer. I used a two inch brush and 3/8 Nabby Roller. Very easy to apply… God Bless…

  • It makes no sense to me why rv roofs are not a solid piece of Aluminum that rolls over the edge. There are several rv manufacturers that have done it in the past and it works very well. Time to bring it back. Of course- they can't sell new rv's if the old ones never fail.

  • I just had this done in July. GREAT PRODUCT! Excellent staff. My rv needed a lot of work done. Had 3 sheets of wood that got replaced plus RVarmor product. The installer was very nice respectful. My install took about a week because of all the damage. It was expensive but well worth it. Everyone I talked to from the company knew the product inside and out. When I upgrade to a newer Rv this will be one of the first things I do.

  • I am going to do this.  I did contact this company and they quoted me around $5000 for a 41 ft. 5th Wheel.  A little pricey, but this is guaranteed for the life of the RV and you can transfer it to the next buyer if you trade in or sell the RV.No maintenance, a very good thing.